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 And the next Sony PSP goes to...
And the next Sony PSP goes to...

dwergs says ( 09 Apr 2005 ):


messenger plus! contestPatchou is giving away Sony PlayStation Portables and a Alienware Laptop to celebrate the release of Messenger Plus! 3.50. is privileged to publish the names of the winners first, so here we go:

Have fun with your Sony PSP, Jorge L Pimentel from Puerto Rico, San Juan!

You could be next, if you enter the Messenger Plus! giveaway contest today.

 Unlimited Winks, Muggins and Characters for FREE
Unlimited Winks, Muggins and Characters for FREE

dwergs says ( 08 Apr 2005 ):


The pins we shared with you today for free Winks and Characters with Moods and Muggins are meant to be used only once per account, but thanks to Ellkay and SupaGogeta we found a way to get round that limitation!

Method #1: Users of StuffPlug-NG 2, a plugin for Messenger Plus!, are able to download Muggins over and over again as long as the Oversized Display Pictures feature is turned on.

Method #2: This technique is a bit trickier, but works with Muggins as well as Winks and Characters. Close the BlueMountain window (launched by MSN Messenger) while the Download MSN Messenger Content - Progress window appears. This way the pin will not be considered as used.

>> Get FREE Winks and Characters with Moods.

>> Get FREE Muggins.

NOTE: The Blue Mountain service is getting hammered (Oops!) and can be painfully slow sometimes. Just be patient! :)

UPDATE: It was fun while it lasted, but eventually Blue Mountain has disabled the pins. I hope you enjoyed the freebies!

>> Quality Emoticons, MSN Display Pictures and Backgrounds for FREE (for ever!) with CustoMess.

 More freebies: Free Winks and Characters with Moods!
More freebies: Free Winks and Characters with Moods!

dwergs says ( 08 Apr 2005 ):


So you got your free Muggin (if not, quickly scroll down for the code)? Then it's time to spoil you once again! Fancy a FREE Wink or Characters with Moods? Here's the drill:

free winksFor FREE Winks:

1) Sign into MSN Messenger 7.
2) Go to Actions > Get More From Messenger.
3) Click Winks (click Ok if a dialog window shows up).
4) Click a Wink of your choice.
5) Click Already Have a Pin?.
7) Enter this code: bluemountainwink.
8) Your free Wink will automatically be added to My Winks in MSN Messenger 7.

For FREE Characters with Moods:

1) Sign into MSN Messenger 7.
2) Go to Actions > Get More From Messenger.
3) Click Dynamic Display Pictures and select BlueMountain Display Pictures.
4) Click Characters with Moods (or whatever it's called in your language).
5) Click your favorite Character.
6) Click Already Have a Pin?.
7) Enter this code: bluemountainmood.
8) Your free Character with Moods will automatically download to MSN Messenger 7.

The clock is ticking and the offer is temporary, so spread the word and tell your friends where you got the codes from ;)

[Congratulations to the following Messers who discovered these codes by themselves: ka_orca, M15L, Graham73may, nlboy, fushichou, Devin Connrs, Chaos-X, Skeddy, Daniel Tablas, Kare_N, Alets, Dom and nlboy!]

 Critical MSN Messenger Patch Coming Tuesday
Critical MSN Messenger Patch Coming Tuesday

dwergs says ( 08 Apr 2005 ):


Microsoft debuted an expanded Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification service on Tuesday.

Microsoft's security team will deliver about eight security bulletins on April 12, the company's monthly "Patch Tuesday." One of them affects MSN Messenger and may require a restart. Microsoft did not provide details about possible vulnerabilities yet. Only two months ago Microsoft enforced an upgrade to MSN Messenger 6.2.205 due to a dangerous Display Picture vulnerability. In less than a week time, probably in the official bulletins and security updates webcast on April 13 at 11AM PST (click here for your timezone) we'll learn what this patch is all about.


 Free Muggins for all! How to get yours...
Free Muggins for all! How to get yours...

dwergs says ( 08 Apr 2005 ):


muggin bluemountainEager to create a Dynamic Display Picture but short on dough? Then we got an MSN Messenger 7 freebie for you! Just follow these instructions:

1) Sign into MSN Messenger 7 (duh!).
2) Go to Actions > Get More From Messenger.
3) Click Dynamic Display Pictures and select BlueMountain Display Pictures.
4) Click Muggins.
5) Pick your favorite Muggin and start customizing.
6) When you've finished, click Already Have a Pin?
7) Enter this code: bluemountainmuggin.
8) Your free Muggin will automatically download to MSN Messenger 7 (depending on the user activity on that site this can take quite a few seconds).

This offer ain't over until the good folks at Blue Mountain smoke a cigar. So enjoy and tell your friends about it (and about too of course)!

>> Add more totally free MSN Messenger 7 content with CustoMess!

[Thanks to: Paul R. Sadowski]

 Censorship in MSN Messenger: Microsoft is jamming your messages!
Censorship in MSN Messenger: Microsoft is jamming your messages!

dwergs says ( 07 Apr 2005 ):


Not only is Microsoft acting like a pure-bred Big Brother with regard to file transfers (see the previous post), but a new form of censorship has been brought to light, directly affecting your IM conversations! You see, messages that include .pif just never get through. Just pif without the dot works, as do all other blocked file extensions.

The filtering of messages containing .pif, a resolution sprung from last week's security testing, addresses the spreading of disguised MSN Messenger worms. One could wonder why other common worm extensions, like .scr and .exe, are left alone? Timothy gave me one acceptable answer, namely that .pif files are often mistaken for .gif files and therefor more imprudently clicked. But the point is Microsoft has moved into censoring Instant Messages and that's awfully disturbing!

.pif blocked from msn messenger conversations

[Reported by: Segosa (via wtbw)]

 Back to free trade: Say NO to blocked file extensions!
Back to free trade: Say NO to blocked file extensions!

dwergs says ( 07 Apr 2005 ):


Want to send your mates a picture of your new girlfriend, a demo of your amazing guitar talent or that funny videofile you downloaded from Ebaumsworld? But is MSN Messenger randomly returning them a message that "[user] tried to send you a file (filename.mp3). This file has been blocked because it is potentially unsafe."? Potentially!? Microsoft is operating way beyond their authority with the blocked file extensions strategy (well, maybe they permit themselves in the ToS somewhere) and I'm sure they're chasing potential MSN Messenger users away.

But as usual, you can rely on us in times of need. Together with wtbw, we made it easy for you to enable the transfer of blocked file types again. Launch the simple File Extension Unblocker and restart MSN Messenger completely. You'll notice a lot less obstruction when transferring files afterwards!

>> Download File Extension Unblocker.

>> Read more on how to avoid MSN Messenger viruses.

 Free PC-to-PC video conversation
Free PC-to-PC video conversation

dwergs says ( 07 Apr 2005 ):


Have you tried to start a Video Conversation in the new MSN Messenger 7 yet (Actions > Audio/Video)? The free Video Conversation service powered by Logitech and currently only available in selected markets (US, Germany, etc.), connects people with fully synchronized audio and video, and offers full-screen video viewing. MSN Messenger has never been more face-to-face than this!

Don't have a webcam yet? MSN and Logitech are giving thousands away among people who vote for the funniest webcam spy victim. At this time, the Gotcha! competition is available to residents of the following countries:

- United Kingdom (1000 webcams).
- France (700 webcams, competition closed).
- Italy (300 webcams, competition closed).
- Norway (200 webcams).
- Denmark (75 webcams).
- Austria (200 webcams).
- Switzerland (German, 75 webcams) and Switzerland (French, 700 webcams).

Is your country not listed? Then look for webcams on eBay or

 EXCLUSIVE Even more MSN Messenger 7.0.0777
<b>EXCLUSIVE</b> Even more MSN Messenger 7.0.0777

timothy says ( 07 Apr 2005 ):


And again we bring you another MSN Messenger 7 scoop. This time, it's MSN Messenger 7.0.0777 in all country flavors:


UPDATE: Seven long hours after brought you the final MSN Messenger 7 as the first website in the world, MSN Messenger 7 and MSN Spaces were officially stripped from their BETA-seal by Microsoft at around 9PM PST.


timothy says ( 06 Apr 2005 ):


Evil comes upon us with an extra 111! Just a very short while we announced here that MSN Messenger 7 will get out of its beta phase on April 7th some people stamped a hoax sticker on the message, other people got overexcited.

But now, I've got a present for you: exclusively and fresh from the Microsoft download press, I bring you the full version of MSN Messenger 7.0.0777!

What's new?

- The MSN Display Picture thumbnails in the contact list are smoothened.
- All BETA tags and nags are removed.
- A new "Welcome to MSN Messenger" popup has been added to inform you about all of its new features.

So what you waiting for? Get MSN Messenger 7 now!

Update: The ship can't hold it, Captain! Copycats are breeching the hull! So here is the official Microsoft download mirror.

 Sources indicate final MSN Messenger 7 release within 48 hours!
Sources indicate final MSN Messenger 7 release <b>within 48 hours</b>!

dwergs says ( 06 Apr 2005 ):


Since February we've been telling you to expect the final version of MSN Messenger 7 somewhere in April. Well, at present, all kinds of clues suggest the official release is just a matter of days.

Firstly, via kevintheman I read that forum member josh82 found an article in which MSN Norway topdog, Helge Birkelund, claims MSN Messenger 7 is ready to be shipped tomorrow, April 7th. Version 7 on the 7th, isn't that too good to be true in a Microsoft world?

On the other hand, Messers MattNotley, bobsta and stylz have all separately learned from loose-lipped MSN or partner companies' employees that the final MSN Messenger 7 would see the on Friday evening (that's Saturday on the Australian continent).

Only time can tell so just keep your browser locked on!

 Meegos go Dynamic
Meegos go Dynamic

dwergs says ( 06 Apr 2005 ):


The wellknown cute little Meegos by MSN content partner 3H have received the Dynamic Display Picture treatment and are ready to take over MSN Messenger 7 by storm.

meegos dynamic display picturesCustom Meego avatars that are particularly popular in France, Australia and Germany, are now fully animated and express 9 moods (Smile, Angry, Sad, Wink, Confused, Sick, Tired, Happy, Blush) depending on the standard MSN emoticons you use in your conversations. One of these fellas will cost you about $4.12 AUD (that's little over $3 USD) but prices get cheaper when you buy two or three Meegos in advance.

As you can see I made me a dwergs Meego, which to be honest pleases me far more than the daft dwergs Muggin from that other MSN content partner. Not to mention the benefit of getting more moods for your money (that is if paying for expressing your own moods makes any sense at all).

>> Get yourself a Dynamic Meego.

[Reported by: Stanley B-ob]

 Bad little BETA leaker banned
Bad little BETA leaker banned

dwergs says ( 06 Apr 2005 ):


Private BETA builds of MSN Messenger 7 have been floating around the web ever since the first leak in October last year. Initially, was offering the download ourselves for a while, but we had to remove it on Microsoft's request. It's remarkable though, how other "illegal" hosts seem to be left unbothered. Microsoft's moderate behaviour in this matter has stirred up the thought that the company purposely leaks BETA versions, much in accordance with the new marketing strategy brought up recently.

As regards the private builds, that rumor is totally bogus and the MSN Beta Team is very disappointed with all the leaks. According to an internal newsgroup post, Build 732 was handed over to just four testers and it was one of them who decided to break the NDA and leak it. After an exhaustive review of the data, the MSN Beta Team feels they have identified the tester responsible and removed him from the beta. He might be the reason why ten thousands are currently using MSN Messenger 7.0.0732 but he'll never beta-test another Microsoft product again. Ouch, son, I hope it was worth it!

[Reported by: K7]

 Freeze! It's the MSN Messenger BETA Chat summary
Freeze! It's the MSN Messenger BETA Chat summary

dwergs says ( 06 Apr 2005 ):


From what I heard the latest MSN Messenger BETA Chat -finished only minutes ago at the time of writing- was one of endless delays and repetition. Present were MSN Messenger Team members Nicole, Roger, James_B, Len, Nick_H, Adam C and Ali. Below are the most interesting passages include according to Messers in the audience (send tips here).

On Personal Messages...
Question: Will Windows Media Player be the only officially supported player for the "What Am I Listening to" feature?
Ali-MSN: No, actually we are going to support a few different players.

On (nah), the ugly goat...
Question: Why is the new emoticon a goat?
Nicole: We had a charity auction inside of Microsoft and we auctioned off the design of the new emoticon. The team that won selected a goat, I am not sure why.

On the delayed Inbox toast...
Question: Are you aware about the e-mail notification delay?
Roger: Yes, it's a server issue, and we've been actively engaged trying to get it fixed ASAP. Sorry about the delay.

And finally, the MSN Messenger team is looking for a Software Development Engineer. And give me a call when you're hired ;)

 New in CustoMess: Glasson Emoticons
New in CustoMess: Glasson Emoticons

dwergs says ( 05 Apr 2005 ):


glasson baldie msn emoticonsClassic", that's the least you can say about Apothix's Glasson emoticons which were released way back in 2003 still under his Devil nick. Chances are high you've seen at least one of the Glassons passing by, because they've been massively popular ever since MSN Messenger 6 allowed custom emoticons. Hell, stingy Dutch scoundrels are even selling the pack -by the name of "Baldies" and incomplete even- without commissioning creator Apothix. As some kind of Robin Hood of the MSN Messenger era, we're bringing you the complete set (all 35 of them) for free and with proper credit to the author. Just download our CustoMess software and import the pack instantly into MSN Messenger 7.

But before you proceed, may we kindly ask you to go to this page and click the Vote for me button next to graff 3D to vote for Apothix, finalist in the National Youth Week Talent DesignIT (12 to 17 years) competition? Come on, he deserves your spare 5 five seconds... Thanks!

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7.

 It's hard to get a .NET Passport these days...
It's hard to get a .NET Passport these days...

dwergs says ( 05 Apr 2005 ):


Congratulations, Microsoft, you've officially created a registration code that humans cannot read!

If you want to use MSN Messenger or MSN Spaces, you'll need a .NET Passport. Hotmail addresses automatically serve as one, but you can also register, for instance, as your login to the free MSN services. Now during the registration procedure, you will be asked to type the characters from a random generated picture "to ensure that a person —not an automated program— is completing the registration form."

passport security codeAccording to Microsoft, this is important because "attackers use harmful programs to try to register large numbers of accounts with Web services such as Passport. Attackers can use these accounts to cause problems for other users, such as sending junk e-mail messages or slowing down the service by repeatedly signing in to multiple accounts simultaneously."

And in most cases, an automated registration program can't recognize the characters in the picture. But while creating a new .NET Passport myself this morning, I was the one that couldn't recognize the code. It took three tries before Microsoft verified me as "human", while they're the ones speaking the code out loud to me with a creepy robotic voice.

What's next, forced IQ tests? An obligatory game of Trivial Pursuit against Bill Gates? Urine samples?!

 Instant Messaging with Dolphins
Instant Messaging with Dolphins

dwergs says ( 05 Apr 2005 ):


dolphin msn display picturesThe Sandy Ricks of the IM generation can now add his friend Flipper to his contact list: Seadragon allows you to emit and acquire underwater whistles, so you can try to communicate with many species of whales and dolphins.

Seadragon, aka. LeafySeadragon is designed to be used by researchers to perform scientific experiments using two-way acoustic interactions. The program could be described as Instant Messaging for dolphins and humans. It does not translate whistles. It tries to recognize them, it gives a name to unrecognized ones, and it is up to you to figure out their meaning, if any. It allows you to emit whistles underwater and to see the text names of whistles emitted by cetaceans in response to yours.

This version 1.0 BETA is for early adapters: adventurous cetacean communication scientists or whale watchers with a technical bent. It has been briefly tested on a single PC with 2 hydrophones using the microphone and headphones jacks; it requires J2SE 5.0 (Note: this is not an MSN Messenger addon). It also requires more testing by people like you, so all feedback is appreciated.

>> Go to the Seadragon homepage.

 New worm on the block: Chod.B
New worm on the block: Chod.B

dwergs says ( 04 Apr 2005 ):


A worm that first disguised itself as an e-mail from computer vendors now attempts to trick MSN Messenger users into executing malicious files.

The Chod.B worm, which was first discovered on April Fool's day, spreads via e-mail purportedly from Microsoft (, and security vendors Symantec ( and Trend Micro ( It also sends copies of itself to all available MSN Messenger contacts as any of the .pif or .scr following files:

check this out
my sister's webcam
naked lesbian twister
paris hilton
us together

It sends the copy of itself along with any of the following messages:

check out what I just found on some stupid website
dude check this out, it's awesome! :D
haha you have to see this, I almost couldn't believe it! :O
holy shit you have to see this... :|
I just found this on a CD... you won't believe it! :|
LOL! look at this, I can't explain it in words...
omg check this out, it's just wrong :O
ROFL!! you have to see this... wtf...
you have to see this, it freaked me out :S
you have to see this, it's amazing!

Chod.B also contains a tool that allows it to steal passwords from a number of IM applications – including AOL, ICQ Lite, Miranda, MSN Messenger, Trillian, and Yahoo Messenger.

[Source: ZDNet Australia] [More info: Trend Micro]

 Journal for Kids pulls MSN Messenger April Fools
Journal for Kids pulls MSN Messenger April Fools

dwergs says ( 03 Apr 2005 ):


msn 4 kidsDutch Journal for Kids announced on Friday, 1st of April, that the government wants to prohibit the use MSN Messenger by children under the age of 14. The reason: significant lower grades at school in language classes as a direct result of the typical chat lingo. Children caught chatting will be fined and after three consecutive offences, their computer can and will be confiscated.

Parents and children angered by the government's plans, united under contesting the MSN Messenger prohibition. Thousands of children called their special telephone number to vote against the plan, only to find out they fell for the April Fools joke.

[Source: 1 April] [Reported by: Timothy]

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