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 Rest in Peace, Mr. Reagan
Rest in Peace, Mr. Reagan

dwergs says ( 05 Jun 2004 ):


ronald reagan display pictureFormer President Ronald Reagan, the actor and charismatic politician whose conservative vision and sunny outlook transformed America, has died. He was 93. Reagan, the nation's 40th president, had suffered from Alzheimer's disease, a debilitating brain disorder diagnosed several years after he left office in 1989. May he rest in peace.

>> Download the display picture.

 New soccer game coming to your MSN Messenger soon!
New soccer game coming to your MSN Messenger soon!

dwergs says ( 05 Jun 2004 ):


nike msn messenger soccer gameMSN together with Nike are adding a new multiplayer game to the Fun & Games menu in eleven European countries. Expected to hit your MSN Messenger on June 10th, this has of course everything to do with Euro 2004 --the European soccer championships held in Portugal. Called Nike Ole 3-D it is based on Nike's existing turn-based football game and features top players like Ronaldo, Figo, Denilson and others.

>> Can't wait until the 10th of June for more games? Download the custom games patch!

msn messenger football game

 Mixed Messages: new "The DJ Slam" episode
Mixed Messages: new

dwergs says ( 05 Jun 2004 ):


The MSN Messenger integrated soap Mixed Messages we announced early May is in its fourth week already. Its storyline is based on the endings picked by most MSN Messenger users. You can grab the previous episodes here if you missed them or watch this week's together with one of your contacts straight from the Fun & Games menu in your MSN Messenger.

Each cast member has its own set of display pictures, backgrounds and emoticons: Amy, Danielle, Rick, Molly, Reggie & Alma (you might recognize these people from the special MSN Messenger 6.0 download site launched one year ago).

The virtual soap is backed by a big competition in which you can win weekly prizes like Logitech webcams, or the grand prize: a trip to New York City for you and 3 friends! Watch & win is the motto. Please note: you have to be +18 and a U.S. citizen to participate.

>> Visit the Mixed Messages homepage.

 Father's Day Compo in Belgium
Father's Day Compo in Belgium

dwergs says ( 05 Jun 2004 ):


Similar to the Mother's Day contest not so long ago MSN Belgium is giving a year of free cinema again to a child who introduces its father to MSN Messenger. The winner will be contacted through MSN Messenger.

>> Participate in the Father's Day Competition (Belgium only).

>> And here's some inspiration for Father's Day gifts.

 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

dwergs says ( 04 Jun 2004 ):


harry potter display picturesThis week the new Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is released around the globe. It's Harry's third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he learns that a convicted murderer, Sirius Black (played by the wonderful Gary Oldman, see the display picture to the right) has escaped Azkaban prison, and could be coming after him next.

Harry Potter fans are everywhere and of any age. I bet a lot of them visit too, so here's are reminder to some magical goodies we can offer you:

harry potter emoticon >> Browse 38 Harry Potter display pictures (see competition below, add your own!).

harry potter emoticon >> Browse 9 Harry Potter emoticons.

harry potter emoticon >> Download the Harry Potter emoticon font by Oliver.

harry potter emoticon >> What's your (male) Harry Potter nickname?

harry potter emoticon >> What's your (female) Harry Potter nickname?

 Added: Gaim 0.78
Added: Gaim 0.78

dwergs says ( 04 Jun 2004 ):


Gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks. Gaim users can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This new version comes with lots of improvements for the MSN Messenger support.

>> Download GAIM.

Since the end of last year, MSN is actively protecting the company's network from unauthorized interfacing by third parties: "Our goal is to work with the instant messaging community to ensure they understand the importance of delivering secure network services and work with third-party service providers who have entered into appropriate agreements with MSN to access the service." Gaim is currently not part of MSN's .NET Messenger Partner Program or Messenger Connect.

Gaim's Sean Egan is unapologetic about accessing the public MSN and AOL networks. "I don't pretend to know anything about law, but I don't think there's any injustice being done. Both services have servers listening for protocols [an open protocol in MSN's case] on the Internet. We write software to implement these protocols. Microsoft won't complain if we write a client that talks to its IIS Web server, but if we write one that talks to its MSN Messenger servers, we need to be a partner?"

According to Ferris research analyst Ben Littauer, the problem public IM services have with clients like Gaim is revenue: "Third party clients, Gaim included, don't support advertising, so the revenue stream goes away," he said. But with an under 5 percent penetration, who's worrying?


 Updated: Messenger Plus! 3 Extension 3.01.94
Updated: Messenger Plus! 3 Extension 3.01.94

dwergs says ( 03 Jun 2004 ):


A minor update to Messenger Plus! 3 has been released yesterday. Changes include:

messenger plus 3- Unread POP3 emails is correctly indicated every time;
- Adding a Word Filter that filters another filter doesn't freeze Messenger anymore;
- The maximum quote-sender keep delay has been increased to 12 hours;
- Every Messenger setting (including the size of the contact window) is always properly saved when Messenger is exited;
- Problems with incorrect count of custom emoticons in the Quick Icons panel have been fixed;
- Different menus and popup windows displayed in chat windows are now positioned more intelligently;
- Messenger Plus! stops properly every time when users log-out of Windows;
- You are now allowed to select not to change your current status for the Messenger Lock and Boss Protection features;
- When using the default logging archive mode, the log of the previous month is automatically opened when no log for the current month is detected;
- /snoexcuse has been officially replaced by /sdanger (to avoid confusion);
- The Greek translation has been removed, a Turkish translation has been added.
- Etc.

>> Download Messenger Plus! 3 3.01.94

 Timothy hits the big twenty
Timothy hits the big twenty

dwergs says ( 02 Jun 2004 ):


I would like to take a moment and tell you about some key moments in the life of our dear admin Timothy.

2/6/1984 -- A perfectly healthy baby is born on Saturday, 2nd of June '84, called Timotheus Triangel. When the doctor performs the usual "slapping of the butt" ritual, little Timothy doesn't start crying but kicks him back in the face.

15/10/1984 -- Timothy's first word: "majo" (while pointing at his mom's breasts during feeding).

Summer of '87 -- Timothy develops disturbing destructive behavior towards playground toys and goes into therapy but fails to cure. Playgrounds in his hometown still fear his every visit.

Spring 1998 -- Timothy sends his first Instant Message: "OMFG!11!11".

End of 2002 -- Timothy develops "display pictures" avant la lettre for MSN Messenger, codenamed: Teulbux and later Coolbox. Microsoft makes a 5 zeroes offer on the code and builds it into MSN Messenger 6. Timothy spends the entire amount on bonzai trees.

Somewhere in 2003 -- Timothy invents a new living species called Blobz. One day they eat all his peanut butter so he decides to drown them. Guess what: they can breathe under water, survive and escape. They've been spotted recently in the lake of Loch Ness.

Today, 2/6/2004 -- Timothy becomes a full grown Messer. Happy Birthday and Congratulations, we're proud of you, pal!

 J'me badge avec MSN Messenger
J'me badge avec MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 01 Jun 2004 ):


MSN Messenger has been huge hit in France with a growth of 400% in users over the past two years and now counting 5 million active chatters. An incredible 55 billion instant messages were sent through MSN Messenger in France during 2003; that's 4 times the total number of text messages (SMS)!

msn messenger badgesMore than most other countries, the French MSN portal promotes MSN Messenger extensively, contributing heavily to the numbers mentioned above. The latest publicity stunt are trendy, customizable buttons which you can pick up & create starting today until the 12th of June, in the "badge corner" at the ground floor of the Colette boutique in Paris (213 rue St. Honoré, 75 001 Paris, Métro Tuileries). If you live near Paris, you better hurry up because like with all things free there's only a limited amount available. I have personally received a couple of them and I must say it's must-have merchandise for hardcore fans!

French MSN Messenger fans living too far from France's capital can still try to win one of the 200 fashionable badges (worth +/- 5 euros a piece) at the website.

For those living outside of France we're offering the unique button designs as custom emoticons you can import into MSN Messenger. Here's a couple of them...

i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys i love messenger smileys

>> Browse all 34 J'me badge avec MSN Messenger emoticons.

 One year of display pictures and custom emoticons on!
One year of display pictures and custom emoticons on!

dwergs says ( 01 Jun 2004 ):


It's been exactly one year already since we started collecting display pictures and custom emoticons (officially, because we beta-tested the system right after MSN Messenger 6 was released last year). Today we can offer you over 15.000 FREE dp's and ce's, thanks to all contributing Messers! On average that's about 13 new emoticons and 28 new display pictures added daily. Reason enough to come back and check out every day, don't you think?

But all this great free content doesn't make us lazy! Let's keep growing and growing! That's why we're having another competition on! Submit display pictures marked with the URL during the next two months and you can win one of the many prizes, including an Amazon gift certificate of $150 US, one of $50 US, a designer t-shirt, an exclusive button, etc. More on the prizes later, but don't wait with submitting! IMPORTANT: Use our Adobe Photoshop instructions for making display pictures and tagging them with our URL. Prizes will go to the top submitters but QUALITY remains more important than quantity!

 Added: Gilly Messenger 3.0 (preview version)
Added: Gilly Messenger 3.0 (preview version)

dwergs says ( 31 May 2004 ):


Gilly Messenger is an alternative to the MSN Messenger client, written by Hasan. This software allows you to sign into the .NET Messenger Service just the same, but with extra features like:

- Multiline nicknames;
- Polygamy (aka multi MSN);
- "Idle" status;
- Alert when someone opened your window (often requested addon feature!);
- Ignore people;
- Emoticon flood control;
- IRC-like commands;
- Scripting;
- Intelligent Chat bots;
- Sign in on "Appear Offline" (or any other status);
- Automatic logging of chats and status.

>> Download Gilly Messenger 3.0.

 ZoneAlarm Security Suite protects & encrypts
ZoneAlarm Security Suite protects & encrypts

dwergs says ( 30 May 2004 ):


zone labs security suiteZone Labs has released the new ZoneAlarm Security Suite-- a premium firewall integrated with antivirus, content filtering, and instant message protection.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite encrypts instant messages for ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger and protects you against IM spam (a.k.a. SPIM).

Messers who buy the software through will be offered a $10 reduction on the retail price (not $69.95 but $59.95).

>> Save $10 Download ZoneAlarm Security Suite .

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