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 Old Messenger Plus! works with WLM 8.0.0562, CustoMess doesn't
Old Messenger Plus! works with WLM 8.0.0562, CustoMess doesn't

dwergs says ( 11 Feb 2006 ):


Messers skootles and xtian have reported that their slightly aged versions of Messenger Plus! are partially compatible with the new build of the Windows Live Messenger Beta, issued yesterday. And indeed, it seems like Messenger Plus! 3.61 (released in October, get it here) and older versions do work with 8.0.0562, although limited to a small set of features like the Messenger lock and the boss key.

Patchou however, does not recommend this combo and advises to uninstall Plus! as soon as WLM starts behaving strangely. The latest and the only supported version of Messenger Plus! is 3.62, compatible with all official versions of MSN Messenger. Like we exclusively announced back in December 2005, Patchou has already started developing Messenger Plus! Live specifically for Windows Live Messenger.

In other, more regrettable news: CustoMess, for the first time, was found to be incompatible with the latest Beta. Timothy is still hoping to find a workaround, so you can keep enjoying free, quality emoticons, MSN Display Pictures and backgrounds as soon as Windows Live Messenger goes public. Has Microsoft just given us the first profound reason to have an aversion for Windows Live Messenger? I surely hope not...

 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0324
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0324

dwergs says ( 10 Feb 2006 ):


mess patchNew MSN Messenger means new Mess Patch and here it is. No changes compared to the previous version (except for a couple of corrections in the Korean language) but still the absolute must-have download for every Messenger tweaker, from rookie to expert.

With Mess Patch, you can remove anything that bugs you in the user interface, remove/relocate or add (extra) buttons, add new games, etc. Just take your time to go through all the options in the self explanatory setup or apply one of the profiles to see how eg. Patchou's customized MSN Messenger looks like!

If you have suggestions how we can improve Mess Patch even more, e-mail us at And no, we cannot make it clean your messy bedroom.

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0324.

 Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562 released to testers
Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0562 released to testers

dwergs says ( 10 Feb 2006 ):


windows live messenger beta 8.0.0562A new version of Windows Live Messenger has been released to the product's beta-testers. And boy, have they listened to your feedback! Big changes in 8.0.0562 compared to 8.0.0365, especially to the user interface and the contact list (well, hello again, my pretty status icons!). The Sharing Folders feature now sports a status and progress bar, as well as an activity log in a separate window. There's a new voice platform, and overall improvements in terms of reliability (less bounced messages!), stability (less crashes!) and performance (quicker sign in process!).

>> WLM 8.0.0562 screenshots: Contact List, Conversation Window screenshot, Toast box (by hUmAnzZ) and Login.

>> Participate in the WLM 8.0.0562 forum thread (don't post links).

UPDATE (First impression): My first attempt to sign in with build 0562 took me, no kidding, over six minutes! And seriously, in these days of 1028x768 (and higher) screen resolutions, the right outlining of your dashboard (the area with your DP, nickname and personal message) makes no sense. At all.

detailed contact list in Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.0.0562But it's not all bad! The user interface is much more tight than the hideous bloat that Windows Live Messenger was before. This comes to expression at most in conversation windows, which are more streamlined (notice the white, about 3 pixels thick border around Display Pictures). I guess it's a matter of personal taste, but I'm into squares more than roundings when it comes to software, so I like what they did. And if you hated the contact list in WLM, you're gonna cheer when you see the good old layout has returned... without the annoying hovering effect. And the detailed contact list (click "Manage your contacts" button, then "Show Details") is a bit more practical.

Finally, the Messenger development team has realized just in time that owns the legal rights to the color orange ;) Welcome back, standard blue!

NOTE: The new build is available ONLY to official Beta-testers. Invitees (and the rest) have to be patient.

[Reported by: cm_mc, )(Rockerboy, ch0de, iamwithstupid, deAd, joeleb01, CopyPaste, guanako, xsictransitx, Berserk87, skootles, trissy, loopyroo, Matt Chan, Sherwilliger, smooth-criminal, R-Style, Raffi & Tuneboy]

 Not AOL but Yahoo! dominates Mobile IM, other report says
Not AOL but Yahoo! dominates Mobile IM, other report says

dwergs says ( 09 Feb 2006 ):


Last month we cited the M:Metrics report which drew the conclusion that while Yahoo! had an early lead in the global mobile domain, AOL's AIM was the prevailing IM service on PDA's and phones. "No way," refute mobile communication analysts from San Fran-based Telephia. According to their monthly Mobile Internet Report, Yahoo! leads the way in IM as well.

"Nearly 7.9 million (...) mobile users logged onto Yahoo! Messenger via their wireless device in December 2005, reaching nearly four percent of all wireless subscribers. AOL Instant Messenger secured a reach of 3.6 percent with an audience of more than 7.3 million wireless consumers, while MSN Messenger attracted an audience of nearly 4.3 million, reaching 2.1 percent."

mobile msn messengerMoreover, Telephia concluded that Yahoo! Messenger isn't just attracting the biggest number of users, but the top dog also scored higher than other instant messengers in overall service quality in four out of five wireless networks measured.

In both surveys, however, MSN Messenger scores the bronze medal. We'd like to learn how many Messers are actually going mobile and why (not)? Share your thoughts and cast a vote in our poll here.

[Source: Business Wire]

 Added: Lost MSN Display Pictures
Added: Lost MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 09 Feb 2006 ):


lost msn avatarsBecause our first set of Lost MSN Display Pictures was so startlingly popular (everyone's really into that show, huh?) we were pleased lpchick uploaded another 61 "avatarized" images from the TV show.

Fancy a Windows Live Messenger Beta invitation? Then upload at least 10 MSN Display Pictures related to the Lost television series! Only 96 by 96 pixels and high-quality images (go easy on the compression) will be accepted.

>> Browse our 311 Lost MSN Display Pictures.

 If Big Mother is Watching
If Big Mother is Watching

dwergs says ( 08 Feb 2006 ):


usb stick with msn messenger clientAfter reading "horror stories" about kids being spied by their parents, the ThoughtSafe device seems to me like a true (private) lifesaver. The plug & play flash drive offers teenagers 128mb for storing personal stuff like a diary, photos or address book, and then access it on any system with a USB port. All sensitive data is, of course, strongly encrypted and password-protected. And we wouldn't be blogging this if ThoughtSafe didn't come preloaded with its own MSN Messenger-compatible client. I wasn't able to fetch a clear screenshot, but I suppose it's a very basic version without the bells & whistles.

The price of privacy is $55.00 AUD (about $41 USD or £23.50 GBP). Available colors are red, black, pink and blue (industrial, icecream and disco outfits are expected in August).

[Source: ThoughtSafe via Everything USB]

 Updated: MSN Messenger 7.5.0324 (Official)
Updated: MSN Messenger 7.5.0324 (Official)

dwergs says ( 08 Feb 2006 ):


Remember MSN Messenger version 7.5.0324 Messers were exclusively asked to test less than two weeks ago? Well, Microsoft decided to put this slightly revised version live for everyone to download. recommends upgrading to this build if you are getting error 80048883 whilst signing in.

>> Download MSN Messenger 7.5.0324 (direct link to English US version)

[Reported by: Greg, Nick Lowe & Spinner]

 Windows Live Safety Scanner meets Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Safety Scanner meets Windows Live Messenger

dwergs says ( 07 Feb 2006 ):


Windows Live Safety Center, Microsoft's free, web-based service that checks and removes viruses, improve your PC's performance and gets rid of junk on your hard disk, is now partly available as a Windows Live Messenger activity. You can use the Windows Live Safety Scanner Beta to remotely remove malware, diagnose performance issues, look for wasted disk space, etc. on a contact's machine! Of course, the owner of the machine is always in charge and gets to make all final decisions in the process. But it's pretty nifty, right? The only requirement is that you're both on Windows Live Messenger 8.0, currently in closed Beta.

windows live safety center for windows live messenger

Normally, this activity is only available to users in the United States, but you can give it a shot using's exclusive games & activities launcher.

[Reported by: cm_mc]

 Updated: IEDP2 for Firefox
Updated: IEDP2 for Firefox

dwergs says ( 07 Feb 2006 ):


Firefox was recently (slightly) updated to and that broke our *click/snap* display picture plugin again. But no worries, Timothy fixed it. Just uninstall the previous FF plugin, in case you were using it...

The IEDP2 plugin for Internet & Windows Explorer and Firefox allows you to right-click any JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG file and automatically import it as your current MSN Display Picture in MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger.

>> Download IEDP2 plugin for Firefox 1.5 (versions for 1.0 and Internet Explorer included too!)

PS: Also thanks to deAd for his effort ;)

 Worlds Best App winners announced!
Worlds Best App winners announced!

timothy says ( 06 Feb 2006 ):


The final results of the worlds best app competition are in !!

Grand Prize: Juzzi's Pool—It’s cool.

Play it over here!

1st prize Games: Hide and Seek
1st prize non-game: Noteasic

2nd Prize Games:
  • Tankwars
  • Rockhopper’s Race for Fish
  • Connect Four
  • Othello!
  • Quatro
2nd Prize Non-Games:

  • Let's Meet
  • Shared Search
  • Virtual Address Book
  • Spot-a-UFO
  • Blog IM Interview

3rd Prize Games:
  • GO Game

  • Battleships
  • 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Sudoku Sniper
  • Cartoon Memory
  • Game of the Generals
  • Dactis
  • Let's Play Chess

  • Maverick V-Pool
  • Hangman
  • Memory
  • Buzzword Bingo
  • Survival Tournament
  • Scissor Stone Paper
  • Chingo
  • Ahorcado for MSN Messenger
  • 9 Ball
  • Boter kaas en Eieren
  • 8 ball world cup
  • 4x4
  • Finar

3rd Prize non-Games:
  • Web Sharing
  • t4im (translator for instant messenger)
  • CodeTalk
  • Free Job Boards
  • Whisper
  • Abu-Hilal Arabic Keyboard
  • eBay Search
  • EmoPic
  • ShoppingTogether
  • UTA
  • Math Pastebin
  • Subject Suggestion

Big congratulation to Juzzi for winning the grand price and all other winners! Read the original post here.

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