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 Messenger Plus! 3.50 - Release Date
Messenger Plus! 3.50 - Release Date

Pure_BY says ( 12 Mar 2005 ):


So, dear messers, guess what's coming next week? :) After no less than 5 months of work, Messenger Plus! 3.50 is finally going to be released. Everything has been tested for a whole month, hundreds of new lines of text have been translated, the brand new sound server is on stand-by, the only thing missing is you, the users ;)

Messenger Plus! 3.50 will officially be released next Wednesday (16/03/2005), at 11:00PM UPT (Universal Patchou's Time). And for those of you who think they already know what they'll get on Wednesday, be prepared fora little surprise... Messenger Plus! 3.50 is a major milestone and you can be sure that the promotion surrounding the event will match the expected excitement (and for the info, not even the beta testers know what Patchou is talking about).

We hope you'll all enjoy the changes! some of the new stuff is for MSN Messenger 7 only so you can expect some extra free fun when you'll get the new version of Messenger next month.

[Source: MsgPlus! Forums]

 New in CustoMess: MinimalPlastic Emotes
New in CustoMess: MinimalPlastic Emotes

dwergs says ( 11 Mar 2005 ):


minimalplastic emotes for msn messengerWanna go minimal in MSN Messenger? Then sryo's MinimalPlastic emoticons are just what you need. You can import them instantly into MSN Messenger 7 with the second edition of CustoMess, released earlier this week.

>> Download the new CustoMess (for MSN Messenger 7).

>> Visit sryo's homepage.

 Microsoft takes Media Center on world tour
Microsoft takes Media Center on world tour

dwergs says ( 11 Mar 2005 ):


Microsoft will sell versions of its Windows XP Media Center operating system in 19 additional countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, India, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey. Those countries and Hong Kong will get the new operating system later in 2005.

One of Media Center's features is to use MSN Messenger while watching TV. Windows expert Paul Thurrot comes up with two functionalities of this at first sight silly feature: "You can use it is as an in-house intercom so your spouse might IM you it's time for dinner (screenshot). Or heck, maybe you like watching the big game with friends, even when you can't be there (screenshot)".

>> Visit the Windows XP Media Center homepage.

[Source: CNET]

 MSN and Logitech Team Up to Deliver Integrated Video and Audio Service for MSN Messenger Customers
MSN and Logitech Team Up to Deliver Integrated Video and Audio Service for MSN Messenger Customers

Pure_BY says ( 10 Mar 2005 ):


MSN and Logitech today announced at CeBIT 2005 an extension of their global relationship, through which MSN will launch a high-quality, integrated video and audio service powered by Logitech that enables customers to see and talk to friends and family over the Internet. The new service will be available when it is released this spring to MSN Messenger 7.0 customers.

For the past two years, Logitech and MSN have worked together to bring video capabilities to customers through the Webcam feature of MSN Messenger. Each month more than 30 million of the MSN Messenger service´s 155 million unique customers use the current feature, and MSN and Logitech have facilitated more than 3 billion webcam sessions since it was introduced.

Enhanced video and audio features from Logitech and MSN will be available this spring for MSN Messenger consumers in the United States, Germany and additional markets globally.

>> Read more @ Logitech News

[Reported by: detn8r, Alex P, )(Rockerboy]

 Q6 - Experience the Power of MSN Messenger!
Q6 - Experience the Power of MSN Messenger!

Sean says ( 10 Mar 2005 ):


Q6 is a challenging, team-based, question-and-answer game that uses MSN Messenger. Each week, you'll have the opportunity to Q6 - Experience the Power of MSN Messenger!win a great prize package. Plus, your team will be awarded points for correct answers. If your team has the most points at the end of the game, you could each win a Dell prize package valued at over $3,000.

The game begins March 24, 2005 and is open to residents of Canada, age 13 and older only. If you live in Canada, check out the Q6 tab in MSN Messenger.

>> What are you waiting for? Register to play!

[Reported by: detn8r, ExodusCrow, imrumpf]

 5th Artist Showcase: Nozzman
5th Artist Showcase: Nozzman

dwergs says ( 10 Mar 2005 ):


Rotterdam-based Nozzman started illustrating again at the end of 2001. As soon as he started publishing his Dutch "cartoons and odd illustrations" (as he calls them) on a personal website, people started noticing his extraordinary talent. Since then, an army of fans was formed all over the world and Nozzman went international with a separate series of English cartoons.

nozzman msn display picturesAt our humble request, Nozzman created 38 great MSN Display Pictures especially for And of course we're extremely proud to be able to offer them! You can get them exclusively and directly imported into MSN Messenger 7 with our updated CustoMess software.

>> Visit: Nozzman's home.

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7.

 Brand New CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7... on steroids!
Brand New CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7... on steroids!

dwergs says ( 10 Mar 2005 ):


customess free msn display picturesThe best just got better! With one hundred thousand users already and a continuously growing collection of Display Pictures, Emoticons, Fonts and Backgrounds, we thought it was about time to improve our CustoMess software a bit (or rather: bytes). CustoMess, the automatic custom content installer for MSN Messenger 7, is unlike anything else out there: completely free and without a hidden catch (like ad/spyware).

customess free msn display picturesThanks to (that's our dearest Timothy!) the second edition we're unleashing today looks WAY cooler, works WAY better and -to celebrate the RC2 release appropriately- comes with THREE fresh emoticon packs by Keagle13, a new "lovely" emoticon font also by Keagle13, a new set of backgrounds (thanks Timothy!) and an impressive artist showcase by Nozzman. This unseen-before custom MSN Messenger content won't be available through the previous version of CustoMess, so update your software today:

- Uninstall CustoMess RC1, if you have it currently installed.
- Download and install CustoMess RC2.
- Run it from Programs > CustoMess and make your pick.

If you encounter any problems, make sure you've got MSN Messenger 7 (any version), Macromedia Flash 7 (download it here if needed) and the VB Runtimes.

customess for msn messenger7 >> Download CustoMess RC2.

 Istanbul becomes Office Communicator 2005
Istanbul becomes Office Communicator 2005

dwergs says ( 09 Mar 2005 ):


microsoft communicator 2005Within the next 90 days, Microsoft plans to release its much-anticipated Office Communicator 2005 client ("Istanbul", previously) and a service pack for Live Communications Server 2005 that will allow interoperability with MSN, AOL and Yahoo, the three major public instant messaging networks. Pricing hasn't been announced and the Public IM Connectivity (PIC) functionality will be offered as a separately licensed, per-user, per-year subscription beginning April 1.

Consumers should continue using MSN Messenger for instant messaging, but information workers will use Communicator 2005 as their key IM tool from within Office, according to Microsoft executives.

On Tuesday, Microsoft also launched the third product of its enhanced, realtime communications (RTC) platform, Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005. The enhanced LiveMeeting hosted service offers broad integration with Office so users can launch a Web conference with co-workers from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and the new Office Communicator 2005 client. Office Live Meeting 2005 is scheduled to be available to customers on March 11.

>> FAQ: Will Communicator 2005 replace Windows Messenger for good?

[Source: Internet Week]

 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0632
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0632

dwergs says ( 09 Mar 2005 ):


It's here! The all-in-one and all-you-can-eat Mess Patch, carefully updated for the latest MSN Messenger 7 BETA build: 7.0.0632.

You name it, you got it. It's all inside of Mess Patch! But just when you thought you had seen it all, masterminds behind the project, Rolando, TB and theunknown, improved the ŕ la carte patcher even more! So next to popular things like polygamy, Custom Games, ad remover and nudge disabler, you now have a total of 28 tweaks to chose from, including the following new stuff:

- Ability to enable or remove Toaster for Winamp support in Personal Messages.
- Clicking your MSN Display Picture in the main window opens the My Display Picture dialog (like it used to).
- Make conversation windows semi-transparent by default.
- Fixed: Packs button removal bug.
- Idle status now available in all languages.
- Multi-language support: currently English, Portugese (by Juh) and something that ought to be Dutch (by yours truly).
- Auto-updater for all your future Mess fixes!

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0632 and tell your mum about it.

 Fake Messenger Plus! 3.50 and other MSN downloads
Fake Messenger Plus! 3.50 and other MSN downloads

dwergs says ( 08 Mar 2005 ):


Hold on, that's not the real Messenger Plus! 3.50 out there on your favorite P2P filesharing network. And you shouldn't trust any other MSN downloads out there either, like MSN nudge bomb.exe or MSN all version polygamy.exe!

Since the start of 2005, Microsoft's Instant Messaging software has been in the crosshair of many a virus maker. Most worms spread quickly through social engineering techniques via the Messenger network itself, but some of them try to reproduce over filesharing networks too. W32/Sumom-A (also known as W32/Serflog-A, WORM_FATSO.A and W32/Crog.worm) for instance, makes use of the best of both worlds.

We highly recommend to download MSN Messenger addons and files from a trusted source (*cough*us*cough*) only. And you can bet Messenger Plus! 3.50 will be available from as soon Patchou wraps it up.

We'd also like to advise another time to decline the transfer of all suspicious files you receive through Windows or MSN Messenger. Verify with the sender the contents and the intention of a file transfer before accepting it.

>> For more information, read this FAQ on virus transfers on Messenger and educate your contacts!

 MSN Messenger Connection Problems
MSN Messenger Connection Problems

zipp says ( 07 Mar 2005 ):


Some of you messers may have noticed connection problems signing into the MSN Messenger service over the last hour or so.

At the time of writing, the MSN Servers seem to be having some difficulty keeping people signed in (sometimes disconnecting them altogether). The official word from Microsoft is as follows:

The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. If you are signed in, some features may be unavailable. Please try again later.
Last Update: 3/7/2005 11:43:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)

Please be patient, we will keep you posted of any updates to the status!

Meanwhile, why not head over to the Forums?

>> Visit the Forums!
>> Check the official MSN Messenger Status.

[Reported by: Zero1, Becky]

 I'll see you in webcam court!
I'll see you in webcam court!

dwergs says ( 07 Mar 2005 ):


michael jackson... smooth criminalBucks County (Pennsylvania) district courts are "building" virtual courtrooms, where defendants just have to sit in a police station and use MSN Messenger to face a district judge miles away.

A webcam delivers a live video feed of a defendant at a police station or prison to the judge's computer screen. The two can have an on-camera talk at an arraignment, during which charges are read, bail is set and a preliminary hearing is scheduled. Fax machines would transmit all paperwork.

Two district courts have already received web cameras and computers for video conferencing criminal proceedings. Peranteau's Bristol courtroom and District Judge Kay DuBree's court in Nockamixon are the test sites. "Right now we're learning how to turn it on and turn it off and how to talk to each other," DuBree said from her Upper Bucks courtroom.

There's no date set to launch Webcam court though its first use most likely would be for night, holiday and weekend arraignments. Video conferencing promises to reduce costs in prisoner transportation and bookkeeping and improve court efficiency, though the county hasn't estimated how much could be saved. For police, the technology eliminates the need to travel to district court for an after-hours arraignment, and it could substantially reduce the time required to wait for the on-call judge.

MSN Messenger is very popular for its webcam support. As of December 2004, the software welcomed more than 27 million unique webcam viewers with an average of 7 million sessions per day and a single day record of over 10 million webcam sessions.

>> Look for Webcams on eBay.

>> Buy the QuickCam Orbit Webcam from CompUSA.

>> Buy the QuickCam Orbit Webcam from

[Source: Philly Burbs]

 OMG this is... a virus!
OMG this is... a virus!

dwergs says ( 07 Mar 2005 ):


Judging from the reports, a probable new Bropia variant [see UPDATE #3] is spreading over MSN Messenger like wildfire. If you receive a message similar to: "omg this is funny!" followed by a hyperlink to cute.pif (located at a random domain) do NOT click the link and inform the sender he or she is infected. You can take it as a general rule never to accept or click .pif files.

UPDATE: Sorry for double-posting this. Like Sean advised: "All messers should make sure their anti-virus software is up-to-date."

UPDATE #2: Kara reported the following variation to the message sent: "[]omg.pif lol! see it! u'll like it"

UPDATE #3: Yup, it's a Bropia. T, this time, but the breed is better known as Kelvir.a. The text from UPDATE #2 is Kelvir.b. And a third one, Kelvir.c is sending parishilton.pif.

UPDATE #4: The one that comes with the message "haha look at us []youandme.pif" is, surprisingly, called W32/Kelvir-D.

[Reported by: Adam, kinky_master!, Mwe99 & TML. And for the updates: Kara, Mr_Nitty, Crucio, Erik and lil't] Exclusive: MSN Messenger 5 for Mac feature list!
<b> Exclusive:</b> MSN Messenger 5 for Mac feature list!

timothy says ( 06 Mar 2005 ):


After Steve Miller showed off a screenshot of Messenger 5 for Mac, every form of news around it died a silent death. But after taking a good look at an internal concept file, we can provide you with a full feature list!

What will be available?

- You can set your display picture, just like MSN Messenger 6 and 7 for Windows
- Conversations show your buddy’s display picture in the conversation, in the dock on the right, or both!
- Display Pictures can be sorted in categories, a feature the windows version still lacks
- You will be able to receive custom emoticons, but not create and send your own (yet)
- Indirect file transfers will be available, solving many problems
- Companies can use MSN Messenger for Mac 5 to connect with their LCS
- You can chat with a maximum of 15 persons per conversation

What will not be available?

- Webcam support (still not)
- Send custom emoticons
- Backgrounds, packs, games, winks, etc…

 Updated: Custom Games Installer v1.0.7
Updated: Custom Games Installer v1.0.7

dwergs says ( 06 Mar 2005 ):


hangman for msn messengerTired of the standard games that come with MSN Messenger? With the Custom Games Installer by Koen from, you can instantly add an additional eleven custom-build games including Hangman, Tetris, Yahtzee and Battleships.

Version 1.0.7 works with the latest private BETA of MSN Messenger 7 and doesn't mess up the webcam/video conversation option anymore.

>> Download Custom Games Installer v1.0.7.

Click Here!

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