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 Microsoft comments on Messenger outage
Microsoft comments on Messenger outage

dwergs says ( 12 Sep 2008 ):


Here's Microsoft's statement on the service disruption lots of us experienced yesterday and the day before:

"Yesterday (September 10) and earlier today (September 11), we experienced two outages affecting a small portion of Windows Live Messenger customers. Caused by hardware problems, both outages were quickly addressed and have been fixed. The stability of the service is one of our top priorities at Microsoft and we are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disruption any outage may have caused."
According to Microsoft's spokeswoman, the outages lasted just two hours each.

[Source: Mary Jo Foley]

 Messenger service experiencing difficulties
Messenger service experiencing difficulties

dwergs says ( 11 Sep 2008 ):


Seems like Microsoft's Messenger servers are having a hard time. A few of you reported a short outage last night, and right now I can't get online for the past hour either (Error code: 81000314). Just so you know you're not alone.

Will keep you posted.

UPDATE: It was hard keeping you posted while my crappy ISP (Telenet) decided to leave me and half the town in the dark during a 22 hours straight outage. Sorry.

 Windows Live Video Messages launched
Windows Live Video Messages launched

dwergs says ( 10 Sep 2008 ):


As expected, the Windows Live Video Messages Beta went live yesterday, creating another use for your webcam: leaving video messages for your contacts... even when they're offline. This is screaming for Windows Live Messenger integration, although that's officially not on the roadmap yet.

Remember that if you're using a Microsoft webcam, known as a LifeCam, together with Windows Vista, you can download a LifeCam Video Messages gadget for your Sidebar.

>> Visit the Windows Live Video Messages portal here and get started (requires Silverlight).

>> Watch the Windows Live Video Messages introduction video.

>> Check out our preview of Windows Live Video Messages.

>> Download the LifeCam Video Messages gadget.

 Have you been mangafied yet?
Have you been mangafied yet?

dwergs says ( 09 Sep 2008 ):


Unless you've spent the past month studying uncontacted tribes in the rain forest of Peru, you will have seen a lot of manga-inspired free face your manga avatarsavatars floating around on Messenger and social networks lately. My buddy minorissues had the first one I personally noticed, and back then he revealed to me where he got it from: by Pixelheads.

Since the site's launch somewhere last month, already 750.000 Japanese comic-style were generated and it's still going strong with thousands of new creations every day. That's better than our own Mess Dudes effort ever did, and admittedly FaceYourManga's graphics as well as range of choices are truly impressive.

The avatar generator is completely free of charge, but the site allows you to purchase a high resolution download at 1.50 for printing purposes (think business cards, a canvas print, etc.).

free faceyourmanga avatars>> Manga your face at

>> Upload your manga-style recreations of famous people here.

>> May we suggest another fine avatar generator called Mess Dudes?

>> Browse our collection of +800 Anime & Manga Display Pictures. is experiencing some technical difficulties is experiencing some technical difficulties

dwergs says ( 08 Sep 2008 ):


Our site has been inaccessible for brief moments during the past three days because of DNS issues. We're currently working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Things are running smoothly again! Back to business...

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