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 Scheduled MSN Messenger maintenance: downtime expected
Scheduled MSN Messenger maintenance: downtime expected

dwergs says ( 14 Jan 2005 ):


scheduled msn messenger downtimeJust like in Octobor last year, MSN is conducting scheduled MSN Messenger system maintenance this weekend, which may cause customers to automatically log out of the service for a short period of time. Customers will be able to manually log back in or the service will auto login after a few minutes. MSN apologizes for any inconvenience and disruption this may have caused our customers.

The scheduled maintenance takes place between 4 AM and 2 PM Paris time on Saturday. During this period, you may get signed off for short periods.

Note: MSN Belgium announces maintenance from Saturday 3 AM until Sunday 1 PM. This is most probably a typo.

[Source: for example,]

 New in CustoMess: MNeMoNiCuZ Custom Emoticons Pack #1
New in CustoMess: MNeMoNiCuZ Custom Emoticons Pack #1

dwergs says ( 14 Jan 2005 ):


Earlier this month we added an MSN emoticon pack by MNeMoNiCuZ to our free CustoMess for MSN Messenger installer. With thousands and thousands of downloads in less than 10 days, the pack is currently this month's most popular one. We can practically hear you screaming for more, so we added MNeMoNiCuZ's very first emoticon pack containing 16 cool MSN smileys. Just download CustoMess to import them automatically into MSN Messenger 7!

>> Visit MNeMiC's homepage.

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7 BETA.

 New in CustoMess (finally!): Emoticon Fonts
New in CustoMess (finally!): Emoticon Fonts

dwergs says ( 13 Jan 2005 ):


Almost two years ago the first Emoticon Font hit and we loved them ever since! If there's one name forever connected to the concept of Emoticon Fonts, it's definitely the ItsElephants project initiated by Oliver Cannings and proudly hosted by us.

The iE crew -Leo, Joe, Rob, Ollie and the others- literally submerged us with quality emoticon fonts for quite some time, but regretfully the project halted :( Oliver is now focusing on cool flash games and his latest viral project: Tree Message where you can carve a virtual message for your mates.

But we won't let the supa dupa emoticon fonts go to waste, now can we? That's why we added four emoticon fontsemoticon fonts to our free CustoMess for MSN Messenger content installer today: Lush Lime (one of the very first to be featured on, System Red, Jello and Hello Yellow. Enjoy!

NOTE: You might not be able to install and use all four Emoticon Fonts simultaneously, because of custom emoticon limitations within MSN Messenger 7.

>> What are MSN Emoticon Fonts?

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger.

>> My first Tree Message.

 MSN Messenger 5.0 for Mac announced!
MSN Messenger 5.0 for Mac announced!

dwergs says ( 12 Jan 2005 ):


Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit has announced several updates to products at Macworld Conference & Expo on Tuesday, including MSN Messenger 5.0.

Version 5.0 of MSN Messenger for Mac will be released in the first half of 2005, adding several new features, like improved security and the ability to add users listed in a company’s Global Address List (GAL) or corporate address book. It will also enable users to view both personal and corporate messaging accounts from one location.

Other improvements remain unknown but we're hoping there will be plenty. As you can judge yourself from this feature comparison table, MSN Messenger for Mac has a lot to catch up with if it wants to match up with the Windows client.

UPDATE: This screenshot already reveals the presence of "user tiles", better known as MSN Display Pictures. Now what about custom emoticons and backgrounds?

[Source: MacCentral]

 The Messenger Plus! community goes Dutch
The Messenger Plus! community goes Dutch

dwergs says ( 11 Jan 2005 ):


Dutch speaking people are invited to join the new official Dutch Messenger Plus! forums, approved by Patchou.

Because Dutch is one of the most commonly used languages among Messenger Plus! users, a Dutch forum was created to allow people (struggeling with English or not) to ask questions and submit ideas in their own language.

The new forum is maintained by people who are experienced with Messenger Plus!, most of them either "elite member" at the main forum or Plus! betatester.

>> Visit the official Dutch Plus! forum.

>> Remember, there's also an official Spanish Plus! forum.

 Messenger hails the radio star
Messenger hails the radio star

dwergs says ( 10 Jan 2005 ):


MSN is pleased to announce its new partnership with the leading French radio NRJ on the new program L'émission Sans Interdit, every day from 9pm until midnight. This new program began the 3rd of January and is expected to continue till the end of June, depending on its number of listeners.

This radio program, hosted by Michael, was inspired by its Belgium counterpart: the originality of the concept lies in the possibility for listeners to interact with Michael via MSN Messenger during the show. Throughout the program, Michael will tell his MSN address to the listeners and explain how to download MSN Messenger.

>> Visit the L'émission Sans Interdit page.

 New in CustoMess: Widdmotions by widdma
New in CustoMess: Widdmotions by widdma

dwergs says ( 09 Jan 2005 ):


widdmotionsNobody messes with a Ninja! It's widdma's signature on the Neowin forums and the tagline on widdma's corner. With his kind permission we added his 29 widdmotions as the 7th MSN Display Pictures pack already in CustoMess for MSN Messenger, our completely free and automatic content installer for MSN Messenger 7 BETA. Add them today to your MSN Display Pictures collection with just one click!

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger for MSN Messenger 7.

>> Visit widdma's corner.

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