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 Microsoft Netherlands launches campaign for Windows Live, releases statistics
Microsoft Netherlands launches campaign for Windows Live, releases statistics

Inky says ( 13 Dec 2007 ):


Yesterday Microsoft Netherlands started a new campaign to promote the various Windows Live offerings, such Messenger, Spaces, Hotmail, and Mail. The campaign consists of full page ads in various popular Dutch newspapers and a transformation of to feature all sorts of lifestyle quizzes.

Along with the campaign, Microsoft also released new statistics about Windows Live Messenger usage in the Netherlands (especially among teenagers), with some interesting results:

- 55% of people questioned could "not imagine life without Messenger"
- About 2.5 billion conversations per month, by roughly 6 million users
- The average number of buddies is 83
- Users spend about 6 hours a week on Messenger

Another quiz was released earlier on this week which rates your Messenger IQ. The quiz contains questions such as "With how many buddies can you talk simultaneously", "Can buddies still see your status if you block them" and "How many buddies can you add to your contact list". For the number of buddies question you get the choose from 400, 500 and 600. Of course we Messers know the answer should be 600. However, the answer on the quiz is 500! It looks like some employees at Microsoft couldn't get their facts straight ;-)

>> "Live Is Nothing Without You" campaign website (Dutch)
>> Wat weet jij van MSN-en? (Dutch)

 MessPatch Light updated for 9.0 Beta
MessPatch Light updated for 9.0 Beta

Rolando says ( 13 Dec 2007 ):


After a week's delay of Mess Patch's release, it's unfortunate to say that Mess Patch is still in the works... Bear with us messers, the release is going to be worth the wait ;)

In case you need Mess Patch like a drug, then we are offering a smaller doze with MessPatch Light, which has just been updated for the new 9.0 beta build (and all future 9.0 releases). To launch MessPatch Light click on the button on the left panel.

 Windows Live Messenger for Mobile out of Beta
Windows Live Messenger for Mobile out of Beta

dwergs says ( 11 Dec 2007 ):


We briefly mentioned Windows Live Messenger for mobile yesterday, but only just learned from Phil Holden that there's more to be said about the updated and final WAP-client that works on "pretty much all phones".

Based on your phone's specs, one of its two versions (wAP 1.x or 2.x) will be launched. And although not as advanced as Windows Live Messenger for Nokia or Windows Live Messenger for Windows Mobile, the WAP 2.x version is technically still quite interesting because of the following features:

- Rich emoticons support .
- The ability to view and manage up to five active conversations .
- Customers can change the display names, status, etc.
- Full access to your Live Contacts.
- Search your contacts, hide offline contacts, etc.

>> Screenshots: Add a contact, Change appearance, Contact list (including, indeed, an ad!), Add emoticons, Multiple conversations & Settings.

>> Point your phone's web browser to and select "Messenger".

 MSN Mobile gets ads, Messenger doesn't
MSN Mobile gets ads, Messenger doesn't

dwergs says ( 10 Dec 2007 ):


Microsoft today started displaying tiny banner ads on the MSN Mobile portal. Their dimensions range from 112 by 20 pixels up to 305 by 64 pixels, so they go easy on your mobile phone's sparse screen estate. Initial advertisers are Bank of America, Paramount Pictures, and Jaguar, while in-house ads (eg. for Windows Live) are in rotation as well.

The mobile Messenger client the portal links to has been spared the ad injection (proof at, so there's no hurry for a mobile version of Mess Patch ;)

[Source: & Live with Phil]

 Released: Messenger Plus! Live 4.50
Released: Messenger Plus! Live 4.50

dwergs says ( 09 Dec 2007 ):


"This all started out like a standard minor update, destined to be labeled 4.30. (...) Then, an idea came up about improving the looks of the Plus! windows, followed by an urge to change everything, and when I finally decided to complete the skinning engine I had started 2 years ago, I knew the update would require more than another week to complete."

Patchou today released Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 to its 22 million users. The biggest new features:

- Messenger Skinning: This new feature allows skins to be applied directly in the memory of Messenger. No file is changed, several skins can be installed and each of them is safe to use: no more installation or update problems caused by hard-patched skins. Change the way Messenger looks without problems. The first few skins are already available and many more will follow. Creating your own skin is easy, the skinning engine is fully documented in more than 30 pages of documentation.
- Compatible with Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta: Because 9.0 is still in a very early beta stage Plus' compatibility is considered to be beta too. Most things will work, but it isn't 100% perfect yet.
- Built-in scripts editor massively improved.
- Chat log viewer improved, including an option to search trough all your logs at once.
- Improved un-installer.
- Major improvements and smaller new features throughout the whole program, way too many to list them all here, see the full changelog here.

A few first reactions from Messers who reported the release:

"Fantastic product"
"It's great!"
"Working great under Vista x64"

>> Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.50.
>> Read Patchou's official announcement.

[Reported by: MenthiX, computerdude28, warmth, Novolo, Underlord, dj-t-up, Mathias, Japus, Hamo, Moksha, GiveItDeath, jmmL & dragontje124]

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