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download free avatars MSN AVATARS CREATOR HELP

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get the customized avatar you made into your MSN Messenger as your MSN Display Picture.

avatar creator

1) After you have finished creating your free MSN avatar, you have to press the Print Screen button located on the right to F12 on your keyboard.

Now open an image editor, like for example Paint (comes with ANY Windows version) and press the key-combination CTRL-V (or Edit > Paste).

select tool
2) Select the dotted square icon, which will be used for selecting a rectangular space.
select avatar
3) Move to the top lift of the square and make sure the pointer's corner lines blend with the black borderlines of the avatar box. Click and hold the mouse button while you move to the bottom right. Align the pointer with the bottom-right corner (like in the screenshot) and release the button.
selected avatar
4) After releasing the mouse button you'll see something like this... Now press CTRL-C (or Edit > Copy) to copy the avatar into your memory.
avatar image
5) Create a new image (File > New) and press CTRL-V (Paste) again. The image dimensions should be exactly the size of your avatar: a width of 96 pixels and a height of also 96 pixels. Save the result as a BMP somewhere.
my msn display picture
6) Now all left to do is go to MSN Messenger, click your nickname and select Change My Display Picture. Then Browse until you find your saved BMP and click OK. Congratulations, you've imported your customized MSN Display Picture.

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