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mess with msn messenger MESS.BE HAS GOT SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE

- At the moment we have 3 multiline nicknames in the love theme (look under VARIOUS).

- Send your Valentine one (or more) of the LOTS O' LOVE emoticon pictures (second column).

- There are numerous love-related ASCII Text Pictures you can send over MSN Messenger (use Verdana at 8pt as font for optimal appearance).



Test the love between two people by entering their MSN Messenger e-mail accounts below and then calculate their compatibility.

mess with msn messenger =

More than 90%: Marry him/her and make kids ;) --- Between 76% and 90%: Even a blind man can see the fire! --- 51% to 75%: Looking good! With a little effort things will work out. --- 25% to 50%: Under average. Most likely to stay "just friends". --- Under 25%: Oh my god, not even the slightest signs of caring.
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mess with msn messenger CUPID'S VALENTINE SCREEN SAVER

With this relaxing Cupid's Valentine screen saver you can watch the winged matchmaker himself, fluttering about while shooting his arrows. Romantic music plays in the background while each arrow explodes into 3D, animated hearts. This software also allows you to put your own personal image (a photo of your sweetheart, perhaps?) into the screensaver, framed in one of several Valentine-themed frames.
Download Here (size: 2.07MB)


mess with msn messenger SUGGESTED VALENTINE LINKS (you can send through Messenger)

- No Valentine yet? Don't worry: here! Register because it's free!

- "I LOVE YOU" in ALL languages. He or she will definitely get the picture if you message this to her.

- I love this e-card where the receiver must crush those popular candy hearts to generate your personal message (preview). If you wish to make your own customized version of this e-card, click here and note that: "e-mail adres ontvanger" means the destination e-mail, "tekst" is where you put your message, "je naam" means your name and I guess your Dutch is now good enough to guess what "je e-mail adres" means.

- Answer 10 questions and find out what kind of lova lova you are: it's The Love Tester.

- Gruesome interactive anti-valentine card for all your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend needs.

- If you believe in astrology we got 2 interesting tests for you, offered by Enter your and your partner's birthday to discover if the stars say your compatible. If you're not seeing somebody yet, this test will tell you which star signs you're most compatible with.

- Send this very cute image by Stylo Productions to all the MSN Messenger contacts you love by copy-pasting one of these URLs: (big version) (small version)

- Totally against Valentine's day? Or wanna support your single friends? Pick your card at Be My Anti-Valentine (thanks to Timothy)

- Make your custom candy hearts (like this) with ACME's Heartmaker.