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April 1st, we at started our worldwide search for headvertisers, people who would be willing to put our URL on their forehead for $100 per week. We found 23:

Other applicants were David W., Alfonso, Ben T., Mike B., Ali K., Sheree, Marco Z., Jens R., David R., Joe W., Liam L., Franko a.k.a Simon , Jazer, Shawn d'A. and Dave the willing Scotsman. (They forgot to include their picture or didn't really write on their forehead as requested).

Thanks to those pictured and mentioned above. You have proven to be proper Messers, willing to very... VERY far in expressing your love for Mess with MSN Messenger! You girls & boys ROCK!

Possibly ven more people fell for the prank (yup, two of our own news admins --you two know who you are! :p), as proved by various forum posts all around! But for the record, forehead advertising as an advertising method is no joke! Check out their website at Headvertise.

Fanpics like shown above are ALWAYS welcome at Oh, and much respect to Robyn for introducing a far more innovating (and effective) advertising concept called Bosomvertising:


Advertise and earn $100-$200 a week!
Advertise and earn $100-$200 a week!
dwergs says:


beckz and her little brother's fanpicDo you attend a school or college? Are you fed up working like a madman, only to earn a mere portion of what you want? Are you outgoing and shameless? Would you like to earn $100 to $200 per week, with little or no work? If you answered 'yes' to all of these questions, we want you! has teamed up with the innovating Headvertise for "in your face advertising" to the extreme and we are looking for 100 Messers to advertise us. You will get paid for time spent in class, time eating, time in the dorms,... Our only requirement is that you are shameless and outgoing, as our campaigns require you to modify your appearance for one school week at a time. Sounds crazy, but that's totally us!

What we do is supply you a temporary tattoo, which will be placed on your forehead. You will then wear this tattoo on your forehead for your school week, receiving a handsome reward for your participation in the campaign. This is the design of the tattoo which will be sent to you by mail along with application instructions:

oliver showing how to make an application imageIf you are interested in earning between $100 to $200 per week (!), than follow these instructions:

Write an email answering these questions in the body:
- What school, college or university do you attend?
- Do you play any sports?
- Do you go to pubs
- Do you go to parties/clubs

Don't forget to include your name and country. Also recommended is including a picture of yourself (webcam or digital camera) with "" written on your forehead (like Oliver is showing in the example -not like Beckz's little brother in the other pic). You'll have more chance getting selected if a picture is attached.

Send all this to and we'll get in touch with you a.s.a.p. if you're selected! GOOD LUCK!

[More info on forehead advertising at Headvertise]