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You are given a first name by your parents. A last name is even FORCED upon you by your ancestors. Some of you are given a nickname by friends or ennemies, others stick with the online name they chose as their screen name or for their Hotmail account. And then there are those crazy enough to read's tips for MSN Names or use one of our funny Name Generators.

But one day, you wonder: "What the krOnK is the meaning of my name?" That's where we step in. With the help of John, we spent the last six years compiling an extensive encyclopedia of name meanings, comprising billions of pages already. Enter your first or last name, your forum or other single-word nickname and look up the meaning of all your names. We will define it as good as possible, giving you one trait at a time (search another if you're not satisfied). Let the results inspire you for your MSN screen name.

Enter your first and/or last name, or your (forum) nickname:

NOTE: Enter a single word for the best results (eg. Curtis, Jones or Cajmere).