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Quick Links:
- MSN Messenger FINAL 6.0.0602 - download here
- MSN 6 beta ad removers, polygamy patch, addons, games enabler & translations
- MSN6 display pictures custom emoticons and backgrounds
- MSN6 emoticons overview and codes
- MSN Messenger 6 API (article by Timothy)

- Final release date was 17th of July;

my display picture - Users have the option to set a "My Display Picture" which is a buddy picture of yourself displayed in much the same way as in MSN Explorer 8.0 (screenshot #1, screenshot #2);

- Better & integrated webcam support (screenshot);

- Improved and visually detailed filed sending and option to scan incoming files for viruses with your antivirus software (screenshot #1, screenshot #2);

- Gradually, more and more games will be integrated into MSN Messenger (screenshot);

- A total of 79 emoticons! Have a look at the complete MSN 6 emoticons overview and codes and feel free to send it to all your friends

As you can see, they've added some typical MSN graphics, replaced the letter-emoticon and if you ask us, the (||) one is a diablo.

Some of them are animated! animated msn emoticon animated msn 6 emoticon animated msn messenger emoticon animated msn messenger 6 emoticon (thanks to Zero1 for hosting them). And to make it complete, you're able to add your own custom emoticons!

msn messenger 6.0 backgroundsmsn chat backgrounds- Possibility for individual chat backgrounds for each contact (screenshot #1, screenshot #2, screenshot #3);

- MSN6 features conversation logging in XML format (screenshot #1, screenshot #2);


- Automatically change your status to Busy when running a full-screen application (eg. a game or presentation), thus disabling alerts & sounds.

msn emoticons in your nickname - Emoticons enabled in sign-in & received message alerts;



- The MSN 6.0 Beta has already inspired developers to create MSN Messenger 6 patches, addons, emoticon packs and translations.


(News sources: neowinian Ç®€åMhå©k€Réа, Microsoft -sneak peek- and the great feedback I've received from the community!)