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ghyslain star wars kid WHO IS STAR WARS KID?

If you haven't seen the original Star Wars Kid video before, then watch it now and meet Star Wars Kid!

Why did we put him in one of our title banners? Well, SWK happens to be a damn cool 15-year old tenth grader from Quebec!

"Originally recorded onto an 8mm tape on November 4, 2002 in the school's studio, the video was never meant to be seen by anyone. After Ghyslain returned the borrowed videotape to his friend, the video sat in a basement for months. On April 19, 2003, Ghyslain's friend stumbled on the tape's secret contents and immediately shared it with friends. They thought it would be a funny prank to encode the video and upload it to Kazaa.
It only took two weeks for the video to spread around the world. Raven Software's Bryan Dube added the Star Wars effects on April 24, a mere five days after it originally appeared to the Internet. A week later, both videos were linked on every major gaming- and technology-related website, forum, and chat room online."
-- Source: - Also read their interview with Ghyslain

Oh, and Ghyslain is also a rich bast*rd because one of his fansites set up a fund raise which left the Star Wars Kid with over $4000 to spend on hard & software! It pays of to be an Internet sensation.

ghyslain star wars kid STAR WARS KID DISPLAY PICTURE

star wars kid buddy picture avatar for msn messenger
no, you can not click me! but thanks for tickling me ;)
Thanks to KillerTurd you can now have Ghyslain in your MSN display picture! Yippety yay!

ghyslain star wars kid STAR WARS KID VIDEO REMIXES and PARODIES

Hurry, download the lightsaber madness while you can! Some will disappear sooner or later:

- The much-acclaimed Star Wars Remix with lightsaber effects <watch video> <watch video>

- Star Wars Kid - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines <watch video>

- Star Wars Kid 3 - The Matrix Reloaded <watch video> <watch video>

- Space Ghost Kid <watch video> (love how they stayed true to the end cut)

- Episode III teaser <watch video>

- Attack of the Dork Clones <watch video>

- Star Wars Kid 2.0 video <watch video>

- Darth Maul Girls remix <watch video>

- Star Wars Kid meets Dancing Baby <watch video>

- Benny Hill SWK version <watch video>

- Mortal Kombat workout <watch video>


More parodies & star wars kid remixes probably on Google (soon)... Oh and here's a funny cartoon!