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emoticon fonts VALENTINE 69 EMOTICONS PACK by MNeMoNiCuZ


Hearts, roses, kisses, teddy-bears, candy... February 14th is around the corner but in fact if you're in love every single day should be Valentine's day. The following love-inspired emoticons by MNeMoNiCuZ are available as Freemoticons, completely cost & ad-free automatic emoticon installers. With just a couple of clicks and with the ease of installing freeware software, our Freemoticons add emoticons directly into your MSN Messenger 6. No more browsing, naming & shortcut entering over and over again, but instant satisfaction guaranteed at absolutely NO charge!


When installing, make sure you close all MSN Messenger windows, except the contact list (the window with all your buddies) of the account you want to add emoticons to. This means you have to close ALL conversation windows and configuration screens. People shouldn't message you either, so make sure nobody will bother in the brief moment during the installation. MSN Messenger 6 and up is required, as well as the VB runtimes (install them from here)

Use this reference card to check the keyboard shortcut for all the 69 emoticons included.
The emoticon quality on this image is lower than the actual emoticons, which are top-notch!


>> More Freemoticons coming SOON!!

>> If you have created your OWN set of MSN emoticons and you would like us to make a freemoticons installer from it so you can send it to your friends and see it featured on, then zip all (minimum 10) emoticons and send it to submit * (replace * with @). Don't forget to mention your realname or the nickname you want credited in the title of the installer and in the license.

>> Also check out our Freemoticons MSN Emoticon Fonts.

(Valentine is around the corner... )

msn messenger emoticon by Veremos HOW TO UNINSTALL FREEMOTICONS

1) Open a conversation window with one of your contacts by double clicking on his or her name.

2) Click the Smiley.

3) Click on "My custom emoticons...".

4) In the new window, select the emoticons you don't like one by one and click the "Remove" button (or press ALT+R). If you want to remove a complete freemoticon pack, HOLD ALT+R and double-click the first one at the top of the list. Keep double-clicking the same position holding ALT+R and they will disappear one by one. Automatic freemoticon uninstallers are planned soon.


If you are experiencing difficulties showing the actual emoticons to your contacts, or if you want to file a bug report, please send as much information as possible (your system info, Windows & MSN Messenger versions, etc) to FREEMOTICONSMESS.BE.