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 Added: Display Picture Adder/Remover and MSN6 Backup/Restore
Added: Display Picture Adder/Remover and MSN6 Backup/Restore

dwergs says ( 18 Oct 2003 ):


Three tools, two packages, one creator: Sherv.

- Display Picture Adder adds a complete directory of display pictures automatically. The Remover (also included in this package) deletes a specified amount of imported display pictures (working bottom-up).

- MSN 6 Backup / Restore creates a backup of all your imported backgrounds, display pictures and custom emoticons for later re-storing.

 The Third Party licensing story continues
The Third Party licensing story continues

dwergs says ( 17 Oct 2003 ):


As Microsoft introduced a new licensing registration system for its popular MSN Messenger service as of October 15, criticism is growing over the software heavyweight's abuse of its dominance. Microsoft sent a notice to 18 domestic messenger service firms in August that it would disconnect link between them and its MSN Messenger if they failed to enroll into the registration program. Yet, the company has not disclosed any details on its licensing policy for more than 50 days, leaving domestic firms in the dark. Microsoft is now even asking partner firms to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

"We have asked Microsoft for related information several times, but it gave no answer," said a manager of a messenger service provider. "We feel humiliated for being compelled to file for the registration and sign an NDA without knowing what they are."

Service providers are upset and enraged by the high-handed policy of MS, which has been accused for its abuse of market monopoly in operating systems and Web browsers.

[Source: ETNews]

 Important Information for Orange Customers
Important Information for Orange Customers

dwergs says ( 17 Oct 2003 ):


Updates for Orange SPV and SPV E100 Windows Mobile-based Smartphone customers will be made available directly from Orange. Unfortunately, this software update is [still!] not available at this time. Please visit the following Orange Web sites for the latest information on update availability.

Orange Denmark
Orange France
Orange Netherlands
Orange Switzerland
Orange UK

Orange SPV E200 and Motorola MPX200 Windows Mobile-based Smartphone customers are not affected by this MSN Messenger service change.

[Source: Updates for Smartphones]

 Added: Over 100 display pictures & MSN emoticons
Added: Over 100 display pictures & MSN emoticons

dwergs says ( 17 Oct 2003 ):


It may seem very quiet around here, but I like to emphasize new display pictures & MSN emoticons are being added daily! Only a few minutes ago, I approved over 100 submitted images in one go. Oh, and this weekend I will add cool new feature, submitted by one of our loyal visitors!

 October 15th, a 'dead' line
October 15th, a 'dead' line

dwergs says ( 16 Oct 2003 ):


We've been announcing it for a long time and yesterday Microsoft confirmed it was the last day for upgrading to MSN Messenger 5.0 or Windows Messenger 4.7.2000 (or higher) in order to stay connected. MSN officials said that about 98 percent of its customers have made the necessary switch.

That very same day, other clients offering access to Messenger but incompatible with the protocol change, became obsolete. Microsoft encouraged third parties to submit an online form to seek a formal arrangement. Now they are in negotiations with several of them, but that none were ready to be announced.

At least one third party, though, had little success in getting Microsoft to discuss licensed access to its IM network. Jabber Inc., the commercial arm of the open-source IM project, said that as a result it would stop providing an MSN gateway that allowed customers of its enterprise IM system to interconnect with Microsoft's IM network. Frank Cardello, vice president of business development, said: "Microsoft won't work with us, and to date they've been non-responsive to our business inquiries about a supported gateway. It's not going to have a big impact on what we do. People don't buy us for interoperability."

Regarding other third party clients, I've been told the latest versions of GAIM, Trillian, aMSN and Miranda all connect.

[Further reading:] Exclusive: Messenger Plus! 2.50 PREVIEWED
<b> Exclusive</b>: Messenger Plus! 2.50 PREVIEWED

dwergs says ( 15 Oct 2003 ):


Time for a sneak peek at Messenger Plus! 2.50, coming atcha October 28th! I've tested it and it's re-establishing its title as the ultimate MSN Messenger add-on, to say the least. Extended contact information, automatic name changing when signing-in, a scheduler, new commands and a whole lot more! More info and secret screenshots in the Messenger Plus! Exclusive Preview.

[Thanks to: Patchou for the exclusive... and for making our MSN Messenger use a delight]

 IMlogic and Microsoft Deliver End-to-End Corporate Instant Messaging Solution
IMlogic and Microsoft Deliver End-to-End Corporate Instant Messaging Solution

dwergs says ( 15 Oct 2003 ):


At the Instant Messaging Planet Fall 2003 Conference and Expo, IMlogic, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure software solutions for the rapidly growing Instant Messaging market, today announced the integration of IMlogic IM Manager with the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003. The combined solution enables Microsoft customers to manage the rise in corporate instant messaging both inside and beyond organizational boundaries.

The combined MSN Messenger Connect for Enterprises and IMlogic IM Manager solution extends Live Communications Server by enabling:
- Communication with over 100 million Messenger users;
- Security and Identity Management (virus scanning, spam control, etc);
- "Anytime, Anywhere Access";
- Compliance and Legal Accountability (compliance and auditing tools);
- Usage and Traffic Reporting.

[Further reading: Business Wire]

 MSN Chat Shuts Down
MSN Chat Shuts Down

zipp says ( 14 Oct 2003 ):


Now MSN's 14th October deadline has now expired, the MSN Chat Servers as we know them will be shutting down globally. This seems to mark the end for all unmoderated chat services on MSN's vast network.

So, what does the future hold for chat on MSN? Well, people who are 18+ can opt to subscribe to a moderated chat service with use of a credit card. The worse news is that this will only be available in America and Japan. Users of the service are now experiencing somthing similar to this page full of MSN's "official" reasons. Users are therefore now prevented from using the service.

Are MSN making a mistake in closing the unmoderated chat service to everyone and making moderated chat only available to people over the age of 18? Are they getting greedy? Or do you think they are acting accordingly to combat paedophiles? Leave your vote in our new poll.

 Developers: New MSNP10 Protocol!
Developers: New MSNP10 Protocol!

zipp says ( 13 Oct 2003 ):


The latest MSN Messenger protocol, named MSNP10 is reportedly already being accepted by the MSN Messenger Test Servers as a valid protocol!

The new protocol will possibly be implemented as early as the 6.1.0153 BETA build! This means that it is very likely that MSN Messenger 6.1 Final will be using this new protocol.

ZoRoNaX, an MSN Messenger Protocols Specialist estimates that build 6.1.0153 was compiled on the 13th October 2003.

Unfortunately, authorization with the Passport Servers seems unsuccessful so far. You can post a follow up on this discussion at the Forums!

[Reported by: ZoRoNaX ]

 Updated: Full MSN Skinning Tutorials
Updated: Full MSN Skinning Tutorials

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2003 ):


It's been a very quiet weekend on this site because I've been spending a lot of time promoting a party (click here to see the flyer). Of course, you're all invited next Friday at Prins Kardinaal in Lier, Belgium but I doubt a lot of you will make it all the way here ;)

Expect some damn cool updates in the next couple of days, because I've received a lot of interesting submissions.

Anyway, back on topic: Theo (aka Fury14) has updated his MSN Messenger skinning tutorials for use with the MSN Messenger 6.1 betas (and probably the official release too). With these, you will be able to make full skins like the Rolando ones below:

- Custom Animated Emoticon Tutorial: click here.

- MSN Messenger Skinning for 6.1: click here.

Click Here!

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