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Every week will organise a poll related to Mess with MSN Messenger: the site, add-ons or the MSN Messenger software in general. All visitors are allowed to vote once per poll to make the results as authentic and reliable as possible.

Are you using MSN Messenger 7 BETA?
Yes, but I'm planning to switch back to MSN Messenger 6 soon.
No, but I will when the Winks exploit has been fixed.
No, I don't use beta versions. I will wait for the public release.
No, but I'm planning to install it soon.
I don't know (Please look at Help > About before chosing this).

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What version of Messenger are you using? (closed 18th of November 2002)

A whopping total of 2155 people answered this poll question. Conclusion: Microsoft has yet a lot of promotional work to do to show the world the benefits of updating to MSN Messenger 5.0, because 40% (875) of you is still using 4.7 or lower.

How often do you usually change your MSN nickname? (closed 2nd of December 2002)

Out of 2669 people who participated in this poll, a majority of 588 (22,03%) changes his or her nickname 2 or 3 times weekly. Accumulated with the number of votes for the other short-term answers: a total of 71,19% (1900) Messers switches to another nickname AT LEAST once a week. Only 11.17% (298) aren't tempted at all to make adjustments to their display name!

How many people do you have on your MSN Contact List? (closed 7th of December 2002)

2802 votes on this poll and it seems that most people (21.24% or 598) use their MSN Messenger contact list to its full capacity. Surely, these people must have a lot of friends, because the second most popular answer was 26 to 50 contacts (18.74% or 525 votes), followed by 51 to 75 chat buddies (15.67% or 439 votes). 6.75% Messers are using an external contact list enlarger to have over 150 contacts and about 3% have under 10 "privileged" people on their buddy list! I challenge them to keep it that way ;)

How much do you visit (closed 16th of December 2002)

Thanks the to 2191 people who voted I have an interesting overview of your fanatism ;) More than half of you pop by two or more times a week and 34.55% (757 votes) check Mess for news at least once day! Nice to see 16.52% (362 votes) first-time Messers already actively participating in the poll. I hope these people become regulars as well so that 34.55% climbs upwards!

Do you (or one of your friends) have trouble accessing sometimes? (closed 6th of January 2003)

First of all, this poll WASN'T explicitly announced on the homepage. That's why I ran it slightly longer in order to get enough votes (2640). Results are rather embarassing for me :( Only 55.98% (1478 votes) of our visitors have nothing to complain about. This number is way too low! Our biggest problem seems to be gibberish showing up instead of the actual site (13.30% or 351 votes). We have a strong suspicion this is caused by the compression we HAVE to enable on your pages because of the huge amount of traffic. Let's hope the creators of the gzip mod come up with a fix. Next, almost equally voted for are "slow page loading" (10.23% or 270 votes) -probably smallband surfers having trouble with our rather big-sized homepage- and "page not found errors" (10.76% or 284 votes) -maybe generated at high-peak traffic moments. For 257 people (9.73% of the voters) our downloads never start... quite strange when bandwidth logs report over 150 gigabytes of download traffic monthly! Anyway, we'll try to improve all these issues as much as possible and thank you for your co-operation!

Did you suffer any connectivity problems on Monday with the MSN Messenger service? (closed 14th of January 2003)

No less than 2707 people participated in this poll. And 2019 (74.58%) of them were annoyed by the connection issues on Monday, the 6th of January. 8.24% Messers didn't log in that day at all, so they couldn't give a valuable answer. The 465 or 17.18% MSN Messenger users that didn't experience ANY problems at all, were probably well asleep in timezones that weren't actively affected by the .NET Service black out :)

More results discussed later...