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 Added: Music Logger Plus for Messenger Plus!
Added: Music Logger Plus for Messenger Plus!

dwergs says ( 18 Aug 2005 ):


It's been too damn long since I uploaded another plugin for Messenger Plus!, so let's bring change into that and please don't give up on submitting them!

With Music Logger Plus by Jedimark you can easily check out all the song titles your MSN Messenger contacts are listening to (if they got the option turned on, that is), without having to blinklessly stare at your contact list for hours. There's a live event viewer and a playlist per contact, including a play count so you can see what songs they're really into.

Oh, and sometimes, just sometimes, you'll catch some of them not only listening to music... (*wink wink nudge nudge*). Yes, Bert, I'm looking at you.

>> Download Music Logger Plus (requires the Plus! addon).

 Updated: MessengerDiscovery X 1.1.01
Updated: MessengerDiscovery X 1.1.01

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2005 ):


From the MessengerDiscovery X homepage:

Version 1.1 is a significant enhancement over previous versions of MessengeDiscovery X. It has many new features plus GUI, stability and ease-of-use improvements making this the best version yet.

- MessengerDiscovery Today2.
- Imitate is back!: !imitate allows you to imitate your contacts.
- MessengerDiscovery X Installer: smoother and easier.
- Sounds and more...: Alerts can now play sounds, popups have new effects and can be fully skinned.
- MessengerDiscovery will now show in the MSN Messenger menu bar under "Options" and has received many engine upgrades for stability.
- Build 1.1.01 comes with several bug fixes.

MessengerDiscovery X is completely compatible with Messenger Plus! & StuffPlug, and is designed to work on MSN Messenger 7 on Windows 2000/XP.

>> Download MessengerDiscovery X v1.1.01 by ecko_complex.

[Reported by: Rockstar]

 Messenger Plus! needs you and your signature
Messenger Plus! needs you and your signature

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2005 ):


"After several emails sent to various sections of Microsoft, the Microsoft AntiSpyware problem that currently plagues Messenger Plus! has not been solved. This particular branch of Microsoft seems to persist in denying the obvious truth which is that their software is damaging some of their users' computers by detecting Messenger Plus! when the sponsor is not installed and by reporting & deleting files they have no reason to detect in the first place."

These are the words of a very sad and worried Patchou in a reaction to MS AntiSpyware's boycott of Messenger Plus!. Even though he was warmly welcomed into the lion's den last month, his pleas for justice are simply ignored by the people in Redmond. That's why the Plus! developer is now appealing to the power of the masses via a proper and peaceful petition. Please read the petition carefully and add your signature if you want to support Patchou on his (hopefully "ever-ending") crusade.

>> If you want to defend your right to use Messenger Plus!, go to the petition.

[Reported by: Dom]

 QuickCam Fusion: the most sophisticated consumer webcam
QuickCam Fusion: the most sophisticated consumer webcam

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2005 ):


"The introduction of the QuickCam Fusion webcam is truly a milestone for consumer video communications," said Gina Clark, director of product marketing for the Logitech Video Business Unit. "We're breaking new ground with our webcam technologies -- audio and video, hardware and software -- making the experience of video calling over the Internet more natural and more personal than ever before."

Logitech QuickCam Fusion- The Logitech QuickCam Fusion webcam uses Logitech RightLight technology, which is a system of hardware and firmware technologies that improves the image quality of a webcam in a wide variety of lighting conditions, particularly in low light.

- The QuickCam Fusion webcam also features an ultra-wide field of view lens, which provides 78 degrees of visibility -- making it convenient for an entire family to join a video call.

- The webcam can capture still images at resolutions of up to 1.3 megapixels without software enhancement, or up to 4 megapixels with software enhancement. This is also Logitech's first webcam certified to support the faster data rates of Hi-Speed USB.

- With an integrated microphone, a bundled stereo headset and Logitech RightSound technology, the webcam provides people with flexibility in how they conduct video calls, while maximizing audio performance.

The Logitech QuickCam Fusion webcam has a suggested retail price of $99.99 in the U.S. It will also be available in Europe.

>> Read the press release.

>> Find webcams on eBay

 Drive your MSN Messenger car to the MSN Messenger golf
Drive your MSN Messenger car to the MSN Messenger golf

dwergs says ( 17 Aug 2005 ):


msn messenger golf ballWill the owner of this MSN Messenger car please stand up! Funny detail: the photo was taken by Netanel Jacobsson, a former AOL employee working on ICQ, now working for Maxthon.

UPDATE: Allegedly, the car decoration is part of an agreement between MSN Israel and Chevrolet Aveo, to sell the cars with 5,000 NIS reduction (about US $1100) if you put one MSN sticker or 9,000 NIS reduction (about US $2000) if you put two MSN stickers. Thanks to Overdo and Phil4071 for pointing me to this information!

From big to small: MSN is even branding golf balls, how crazy is that?

[Both via dfeies]

 Twentyfive extra Web2Messenger BETA invitations
Twentyfive extra Web2Messenger BETA invitations

dwergs says ( 16 Aug 2005 ):


Grab them while they're hot: 25 extra invitations to the Web2Messenger BETA, only available to Messers.

Invite #51, Invite #52, etc.

They're all gone Pete Tong (in just 10 minutes)! We still have some left in the fridge, so keep your browser tuned to

 Warning: A hoax called msnplus8final.exe
Warning: A hoax called msnplus8final.exe

dwergs says ( 16 Aug 2005 ):


A new worm is spreading rapidly through MSN Messenger via IM messages that look like this:

"lol I just updated my Messenger and I must say IT ROCKS!! www.ultradd****/msnplus8final.exe"

"Want more msn emotions? www.ultradd****/msnplus8final.exe"

"dude, this is awesome a must see! www.ultraddl****/msnplus8final.exe"

"Hej, did you download the new MSN yet? www.ultradd****/msnplus8final.exe"

"lol, this is awsome... www.ultradd****/msnplus8final.exe"

"lol check out MSN ownz! :o"

(URLs were partly censored with ****)

Ignore at all cost!

UPDATE: This worm is dubbed W32/Antix-A by Sophos and when first run it copies itself to System\[random new folder]\kernel32.exe (the folder name can be anything, like bpzjkwrdd). W32/Antix-A will attempt to disable Anti-virus and firewall processes and services. The worm includes functionality to silently download, install and run new software including an update of itself, initiate a proxy server on the infected computer, steal passwords and act as a flooder.

>> More information here.

[Reported by: MattNotley]

 Another P-Magazine Covergirl up for a Video Chat
Another P-Magazine Covergirl up for a Video Chat

dwergs says ( 16 Aug 2005 ):


For a while now MSN has been promoting the fine Video Conversation feature in MSN Messenger 7 by offering chances to win video chats with good-looking celebrities worldwide and win a chat on msn messenger with a babethrowing in gazillions of Logitech webcams and headsets. This week yet another "babe" called Sylvie De Caluwe is waiting for a chat partner to join her for a 20-minute session (I wonder if she'll wear her swimsuit).

If you're not able to express yourself in the mysterious language that is Dutch, don't waste your time entering. But to all my visitors from the Upper-Belgium and The Nether-lands, good luck!

>> Enter the P-Magazine Swimsuit Special competition here.

>> Buy a cheap webcam on eBay.

 More Web2Messenger invitations served
More Web2Messenger invitations served

dwergs says ( 15 Aug 2005 ):


As promised, here are another 25 invitations to play with the new Web2Messenger service, currently still in development (read the post underneath for more information).

Invite #26, Invite #27, Invite #28, etc. Come back tomorrow!

If you arrived here too late, you'll get another chance tomorrow when we publish another batch of exclusive invites! Why not sign up for the News Alerts to increase your chances?

 Receive IMs from your website visitors with Web2Messenger
Receive IMs from your website visitors with Web2Messenger

dwergs says ( 15 Aug 2005 ):


TheBlasphemer and MoRiA have launched a new service that allows web surfers to send you instant messages straight to your MSN Messenger account, while keeping your e-mail address well-hidden from random people and spambots.

With Web2Messenger, as it is fittingly called, you can redirect your blog or website visitors to a personal Send Message page or integrate one into your online estate. Messages received when you're offline are even stored until you sign in again. As a nice extra, Web2Messenger is also able to generate a dynamic image displaying your current MSN Messenger status, display name and personal message (or song you're listening to). This image can be used as your forum signature or on your personal webspace.


Because the service is still far from finished and being tested, you'll need an invitation (much like with Gmail) in order to be able to use it. But we at are happy to hand out 25 invitations to our visitors on a first comes first served basis:

(Some used up ones already removed...) Our first batch of invites have been put to good use.

Are you too late and are all invitations used up? Keep your eyes on this space, because we'll be handing out more exclusive invites later today!

 Messenger Plus! suddenly considered a threat by MS AntiSpyware
Messenger Plus! suddenly considered a threat by MS AntiSpyware

dwergs says ( 14 Aug 2005 ):


messenger plus! spywareThe image of Messenger Plus! receives another serious blow today after being red-flagged by Microsoft AntiSpyware. Earlier, the most widespread and also MSN Messenger addon got banned from because of its optional sponsor program.

According to the free malware scanner currently in BETA, the main executable (msgplus.exe) itself has now become a threat and will be blocked from running. According to some reports, even explicitly allowing the software to launch sometimes fails. The Warning popup was only added in the most recent update of AntiSpyware for it was previously ignored as just a moderate risk.

Like Patchou rightfully puts it: "If they were detecting the setup, I could concede that a threat exists, as the user still has the choice to install the sponsor or not. But they are detecting msgplus.exe which does not harm your computer in any way".

To make things even worse for end-users, those who entrust Microsoft AntiSpyware to "Remove" Messenger Plus! are in fact stuck with the actual sponsor program. Who's causing disaster to your system now? And it's not the first time that Microsoft makes doubtful changes to its spyware definitions.

The software developer has contacted the folks at Microsoft personally so I guess all we can do is ignore the warnings and hope that the threat level will be knocked down again soon. (yn)!

>> Download Messenger Plus!
(NOTE: Installing without the sponsor program highly recommended).

>> How do I remove the Messenger Plus! sponsor?

UPDATE: If you really want to do something, put your name under Sk8michael's online petition against Microsoft's decision.

Click Here!

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