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 Windows Live messenger 8.0.0683 (Branches) goes Dutch
Windows Live messenger 8.0.0683 (Branches) goes Dutch

dwergs says ( 21 Apr 2006 ):


As usual, PoTaToX sent us a handmade Dutch translation of the recently leaked internal Windows Live Messenger Beta. Exit WLM 8.0.0683 completely, unzip the .dll into your Messenger directory and... 't is in orde.

>> Download Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches - unofficial Dutch translation.

 Die block-checker, die: the horror of MSN Block Checkers
Die block-checker, die: the horror of MSN Block Checkers

dwergs says ( 21 Apr 2006 ):


*Sigh* Some people still don't know although our FAQ about it was already viewed by almost 2 million Messers. But here we go again:


They used to, but then Microsoft got smarter and fixed the glitch. To this day a lot of sites, crammed with ads and even trojans, still try to make you believe it's possible to check the real status of one of your MSN Messenger contacts. But no can do.

Fed up with seeing his contacts get infected by one of those fake MSN Block Checkers (www.block-checker.something to be precise but do NOT visit!), John Potter (aka BritishNimrod) wrote a simple scanner that cures your system from the adware and other black magic it performs.

>> Download the MSN Block Checker Virus Scanner.

>> Or check our forum to manually remove block-checker.

I assume people who visit this site don't need this because they're smart enough to ignore MSN Block Checkers in the first place, but bear in mind that millions of other Messenger users are susceptive of their trickery. So spread the word and feel free to link to our FAQ: Can you see who blocked you on MSN Messenger. Trust me, it'll save you from a lot of IM spam and unpaid helpdesk work later!

 New Windows Live Favorites and Bot Tab for US
New Windows Live Favorites and Bot Tab for US

dwergs says ( 20 Apr 2006 ):


Messer Bv2312 just reported that a Windows Live Favorites tab was added for all Messenger users from the United States*. windows live favorites messenger tabThe tab gives you access to your favorites and launch them into your web browser. Don't expect much of it though: it doesn't show groups or tags, nor does it allow favorites management or previewing from within Messenger.

A new Got Bot's? Tab, also US-only, promotes several well-known MSN Messenger Bots and allows you to instantly start a conversation with them.

TIP: Set your country to US in your Passport if you want this tab bad.

 Free WiFi for Yahoo! Messenger users on-the-road, maybe
Free WiFi for Yahoo! Messenger users on-the-road, maybe

dwergs says ( 20 Apr 2006 ):


Yahoo! recently surveyed its users about a possible future service, called "Yahoo! Messenger On-the-Road", that will give Yahoo! Messenger users free access to more than 30,000 WiFi hotspots around the globe so they can keep on chatting (IM and VoIP) wherever they are. An additional Unlimited Plan would include full web access too for a cost of $7.95 per month or $2.95 per 2 hour session.

We're not a Yahoo! Messenger blog but with the interoperability between Microsoft and Yahoo!'s IM services coming closer, this means that you would be able to keep communicating with your Messenger contacts while traveling, provided that you install Yahoo! Messenger plus another free piece of software that establishes the wireless connection.

Now don't go planning your around the world trip yet, because a Yahoo! spokeswoman told Computerworld on Wednesday that it has no imminent plans to provide this service. *Puppy faces Google*

 REVEALED: Create your own Plug-Ins
<b>REVEALED:</b> Create your own Plug-Ins

Inky says ( 18 Apr 2006 ):


After earlier revealing the possibility to add your own Plug-Ins to Windows Live Messenger, I have now figured out exactly how they work, and how you can get them (this, at the moment, applies mostly to fanatic WLM developers)... Behold! The first example of a plug-in on the world wide web.

While the plug-in abillity is hidden by default, it requires only a simple key in the Register to be enabled. If you want to do this manually, go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger] and add a new DWord value, called AddInFeatureEnabled. Set the value to "1". It is recommended however that you use the Register tweak you can dowload below!

To get people started, I have uploaded a small example written in C# for .NET Framework 2.0. For those curious Messers who are not interested in developing a plug-in, but who want to just check it out, you can also directly download my (pre-compiled) example plugin.

To add it to WLM, apply the supplied Register tweak, and restart WLM. Then, go to Tools, Options and select the Add-Ins tab. Click the Add to Messenger button and find the example DLL. Be sure to tick "Automatically enable this ..".

>> Download the Register Tweak (right click, save)

>> Download the C# example source code.

>> Download the pre-compiled plug-in.

WARNING: Add-In support is at this point (as is the client itself) in BETA. There have been several reported issues with plugins, such as high CPU usage, high memory usage and unproper unloading (removing) of plugins. Use this at your own risk!

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 LEAKED: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches
<b>LEAKED</b>: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches

dwergs says ( 18 Apr 2006 ):


Maybe it's inappropriate to use the word "leak" in this metaphor, so let's just say some little birdies couldn't hold on to "their precious". Yes, just like we thought this morning it was only a matter of time for the very recent internal build of Windows Live Messenger to hit the public web for your own "previewing" pleasure.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These are not FINAL versions, let alone public BETA versions. Microsoft nor endorses or supports these unofficial downloads. Install at your own risk (seriously!).

>> Download Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches Beta here, here, here, here or here (broken). Another mirror in two parts: here #1 and here #2.

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 REVEALED: Messenger Client Side Plug-ins Type Library
<b>REVEALED</b>: Messenger Client Side Plug-ins Type Library

dwergs says ( 18 Apr 2006 ):


After closer investigation of the earlier obtained internal Windows Live Messenger Beta, we have discovered the presence of the new Messenger Client Side Plug-ins Type Library. As previously reported, this library will allow developers all around the world to develop their own Windows Live Messenger Add-ins.

Here is a list of elements and objects that can be used and manipulated by these future plug-ins: USERSTATUS, USES_INCOMING_MESSAGE, USES_SHOW_OPTIONS, USES_SHUTDOWN_EVENT, USES_STATUS_CHANGED, USES_OUTGOING_MESSAGE
PROPERTY_FRIENDLY_NAME, PROPERTY_USER_TILE, MessageInternal, CancelSendOriginalMessage, SpacesUrl, Email, Login, Getgroup, Getlocaluser, Getcache, Processincommingmessage, Processoutgoingmessage, Launchusercode
and Messengerclient.

As you can see most of them are self-explanatory, some are quite vague. But it's clear that plugins will be able to: change statuses or act upon a status change, retrieve a user's/contact's e-mail, login, Spaces URL, MSN Display Picture, show the options window, retrieve and manipulate incoming and outgoing messages, personal status message or nickname, send internal alerts (?), launch an activity, etc.

For now, we'll keep digging. Who knows, the first ever Windows Live Messenger Add-in might soon arrive on

UPDATE: Check the complete overview of functions and objects you can currently use in the new API.

UPDATE #2: Inky sent us a screenshot of the brand new Add-ins tab currently still hidden by default in the Options menu.

[Thanks to: Timothy]

 EXCLUSIVE: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches screenshots!
<b>EXCLUSIVE</b>: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches screenshots!

dwergs says ( 18 Apr 2006 ):


A little birdie flew over this morning and dropped the internal Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683 Beta. Yep, good shit also happens. Here are some new and exclusive screenshots.

- The revamped dashboard shows the new "In a Call" status which can be automatically enabled when starting a Windows Live Call (an internal link to this page reveals the availability of this feature in Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States first).

- Next to the e-mail, Sharing Folders and Space icons, you'll see a new calendar/clock icon which is in fact just a link to the Windows Live Today popup. BTW: I have Messenger Plus! Live, hence the Plus! icon.

- Extra security options, eg. "Encrypt contact list data so that it is not accessible outside of Windows Live Messenger" With other words: don't let someone steal your buddies!

- Here's how the conversation windows now looks like. Again, ignore the two Plus! icons, but notice the new tiny webcam icon.

- I also noticed different sounds for a new alert, new e-mail, new message and when a contact signs in. I'm not sure whether these are final.

windows live messenger 8.0.0683 internal beta buildDon't ask me for this build, nor for Messenger Plus! Live. Just wait and look out for other little birdies... As always, more news as soon as we hear it!

UPDATE: Timothy noticed that, analogous to the game activities icon in conversation windows, the "Games" icon for personal status messages has been updated. In case you didn't know, games status message iconyou can use the MSN Messenger Application Monitor addon to integrate games and Office icons into your status message.

Like we learned yesterday, a new option will allow us to remove the "Contact says:" before every message. This is not literally every message, just the ones sent in a sequence (that means less text clutter when chatting with those word-per-word talkers). With this option enabled, a flood of consecutive messages will thus be preceded by only one "Contact says:" notice.

And like most betas, this build has got bugs too. For instance, sounds don't get muted when you set your status to Busy.

 What's new in Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683
What's new in Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683

dwergs says ( 17 Apr 2006 ):


Michael Sun has posted a couple of interesting screenshots of Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683.00_Branches, an internal build already showing differences with the preview of the new UI we gave you last month. The exclusive images also reveal some new features. Here's what we think has changed (compared to the preview, not the public beta):
windows live messenger icon
Visual innovation:
- New desktop/program icon
- New Sharing Folders icon
- New Video Conversation and Call a contact icons (also in main window)

New features:
- Rhapsody Music Service ("Discover, play and share from Rhapsody's extensive catalog")
- Windows Live Call Beta, PC-to-telephone calling provided by MCI Web Call
- Windows Live Sign-in Assistant ("See all your Windows Live ID accounts at sign-in with Internet Explorer")
- "In a Call" status (automatically enabled with Windows Live Call)
- Option to remove "[contact's name] says:" preceding IMs in conversations
- Windows Live Messenger events (sounds) integrated in Alerts and Sounds options tab
- The return of the (removable) MSN Today popup
- Calendar icon in main window
- "Show shadows and animation" and change Window color options in the General options tab

The April refresh of the Beta is not available to the public yet, so don't ask for it.

We have also learned that the interoperability with Yahoo! Messenger is almost ready and that it will be added to the internal build pronto. Unfortunately, it will first be tested for about a month by Microsoft employees only, but we'll probably be talking to our Yahoo! friends by the end of May.

[Via: Neowin & Mango]

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