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 69 Web2Messenger invites up for grabs!
69 Web2Messenger invites up for grabs!

dwergs says ( 24 Sep 2005 ):


Because of ongoing family issues there's a lack of news posts lately but don't worry, I'll make it up. No fancy treasure hunt for this batch of Web2Messenger invites either, but I'm sure they'll find their way to good and caring users :)

There's 69 of them, our biggest bundle ever. And you know what's funny about 69, don't you? It's the natural number following 68 and preceding 70. It is also the largest number whose factorial is less than 10100 (69! ≈ 1.71x1098). This means it is often the largest factorial that can be calculated by a pocket calculator!

...Or what else were you thinking about? ;)

1 2 3 ... Sorry, too late, but more will follow!

Big thanks to: arienh4 (3), jungzandvliet (3), Alex3305 (12!), Cee-estee (3), Mike (3), DomZ (4), The Don (5), Coffeee (3), marcin8c (3), KillaNet Technology Ltd. (3), KrisReynolds (3), boothestar (3), MenthiX (6), Salem (2), Pai (6), neorser (2), Holy-Cheese (1) and metaltwisted (4)!

Wanna share your own invites? Send them to me directly or post them in the Web2Messenger thread.

 When the lights go down on... MSN UK
When the lights go down on... MSN UK

dwergs says ( 21 Sep 2005 ):


On Monday September 26th, MSN UK users will see a completely blacked out screen with a single light switch that illuminates to reveal the Specsavers marketing message.

You've been warned! ;)

Specsavers, Europe's largest retail provider of home delivery contact lenses, chose MSN for its demographic audience, particularly the over-35 target group. The ad campaign will be supported by additional targeted activity on MSN Messenger and MSN Hotmail from 27 September for two weeks until 9 October.

[Source: netimperative]

 The famous Web2Messenger service semi-back online
The famous Web2Messenger service semi-back online

dwergs says ( 21 Sep 2005 ):


Due to technical difficulties with the bots and the MSN service, the folks over at Web2Messenger can not guarantee their service's reliability at this moment. Ahh, the downsides of having a popular website! Sometimes fame sucks indeed!

W2M users have been experiencing problems during the last couple of days, but it looks like the service is slowly returning now. And according to Lord d'Eath they've even more than doubled their capacity to 7200 users. You know what that means, right? Exactly: more invites! So watch this space like a hawk!

>> Participate in the Web2Messenger thread.

>> What is Web2Messenger?

>> Not as popular as W2M? Well, you can always buy fame at Fame Sucks!

 Petition sent: Patchou buries Microsoft in paper
Petition sent: Patchou buries Microsoft in paper

dwergs says ( 20 Sep 2005 ):


401,683 signatures.
10,137 pieces of paper.
110 pounds or 50 kilograms.
33 feet or 10 meter high.

That's what Microsoft can expect on their doorstep this week, because Patchou has sent a printed version of the MSAS petition over to Redmond.

About a month ago, the Messenger Plus! developer set up a petition because Microsoft AntiSpyware started treating the popular Messenger addon inaccurately.

Patchou expresses his gratitude for your massive support in a forum post and he promises to keep us posted on Microsoft's reaction. We're curious!

 Bouygues Telecom launches MSN Messenger on i-Mode
Bouygues Telecom launches MSN Messenger on i-Mode

dwergs says ( 20 Sep 2005 ):


In the same vein as our previous reports, we have learned today that French mobile operator Bouygues Telecom will offer MSN Messenger on its i-Mode service starting October. Subscribers will be able to exchange text messages with fellow mobile MSN Messenger users or fixed PC users via a downloadable Java application.

The service will cost 2.50 per month plus traffic charges, billed according to the volume of data sent and received. Based on the i-Mode business model, MSN will earn 86% of the subscription charges, while Bouygues will get revenues from the remaining 14% and from traffic.

"The deal is significant as it links the leading IM community in France with the i-Mode customer base of the third French mobile operator. MSN has some 8.4 million fixed users in France - a few more than Bouygues Telecom's 7.5m SIM cards," Ovum's Vincent Poulbere comments.

[Source: Ovum News] [Also reported by: [R]] celebrates TLAP Day! celebrates TLAP Day!

dwergs says ( 19 Sep 2005 ):


talk like a pirate day display picIs that a hornpipe in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? Or wait a minute... Begad! It's International Talk like a Pirate Day! For the third year in a row, we celebrate the 19th sunrise o' September with all sorts of pirate booty for all you sea dogs.

pirate msn emoticons >> Male Pirate Nicknames for use on MSN Messenger.

pirate msn emoticons >> Female Pirate MSN Names for use on MSN Messenger.

pirate msn emoticons >> Browse Pirates of the Carribean 2 Display Pictures.

pirate msn emoticons >> Talk like a pirate with bucko Messers (you can use this Pirate Glossary).

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