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 The rise and rise of enterprise IM
The rise and rise of enterprise IM

dwergs says ( 28 Jun 2007 ):


According to Gartner analyst David Smith, 95 percent of employees will use instant messaging as their de facto tool for voice, video and text chat by 2013. Makes sense, as most of the working population in that year will have been using IM since they still had their milk teeth.

But IM is big here and now, so what's holding companies back from investing in it?

"The footprint of IM is definitely smaller than that of e-mail," Smith said. "One of the barriers is the insecure nature of the public networks AOL, MSN and Yahoo! and I think that companies need to figure how best to use IM and increase the usefulness of it."

Smith expects the dominance of IBM and Microsoft in the enterprise IM market to continue. And AOL, Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger will remain dominant on public networks for the foreseeable future. (Phew!)


 Messenger on Nokia N-Series in Sweden, new MSN Mobile portal
Messenger on Nokia N-Series in Sweden, new MSN Mobile portal

dwergs says ( 26 Jun 2007 ):


Nokia has made available an official Windows Live "suite" to N-Series owners in Sweden. Updating the Download! folder adds a WinLive folder that contains the Mail and IM application, which includes Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and a windows live messenger on nseriesContacts tab. The Messenger client seems to be fully featured with options such as sharing camphone pictures and sending voice clips. No details yet on when this update will roll out to other countries. Check Darla Mack for screenshots.

UPDATE (27-Jun-07): Thanks Darla Mack reader Anders we have learned that this is part of a pilot test running in a few countries including Sweden. The free client runs on Nokia N95, N93i, N80, N80 IE and N73 models.

In other mobile news, Microsoft recently launched a completely redesigned and reengineered MSN Mobile portal offering "one stop access to news, email, local movie listings, maps, directions, etc. and Windows Live services such as Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces and Search. Available at on all WAP 1.2+ compatible handsets and in the U.S. only, but with the rest of the world following throughout 2007. Screenshots over here.

 MSN Games presents: Rock, Paper, Scissors
MSN Games presents: Rock, Paper, Scissors

dwergs says ( 26 Jun 2007 ):


rock, paper, scissors messenger gameLast week MSN Games added another activity to game menus all around the globe. Just a basic version of the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors schoolyard game it's hardly exciting but we added it to our Messenger Games Launcher anyway. Instead, we recommend the much cooler adaptation called Big Monster Battle released last summer. Or just install our Rock, Paper, Scissors emoticon set with CustoMess for instant RPS fun.

>> Play games through our Messenger Games Launcher.

>> Download the Rock, Paper, Scissors emoticon set with CustoMess.

 @live.* addresses expected fall 2007
@live.* addresses expected fall 2007

dwergs says ( 25 Jun 2007 ):


Last year in November we found this hack that permitted people to register @live.* addresses before anyone else, including Microsoft employees. The many of us who were able to get their hands on one or more cool names just in time before Microsoft fixed the glitch, are still the only ones in the world with such an address. In the meantime, The Netherlands is the only country that has allowed official registrations of -in their case- addresses. And now Jacky Mok finally provides some information regarding all other live.* registrations around the world:

1) All @live.* addresses will be launched in their countries in the fall of 2007.
2) All @hotmail.* addresses will remain functional.
3) Registration for @hotmail.* addresses will remain available.
4) There will be no migration for email addresses (eg. your won't turn into
5) You'll only be able to register @live.* addresses for your country of origin (but no doubt we'll be able to tell you how to register an address for any other country).
6) You will be able to move all your contact information from your existing @hotmail.* account into your new @live.* account, except Windows Live Spaces contents (photos, blogs, etc), your e-mails, subscription status (Hotmail Plus/Premium) and association with other products (Favourites, OneCare, etc).

[Source: Windows Live Chronicles]

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