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 Goodbye Leah and good luck!
Goodbye Leah and good luck!

dwergs says ( 30 Sep 2006 ):


When a Windows Live Butterfly told us a few weeks ago that 24-year old Leah Pearlman would be leaving Microsoft, we knew the news would hit the community hard. Leah has become the official face of MSN/Windows Live Messenger from the moment she started blogging about the software one and a half year ago on her personal Spaces blog. At last someone was giving us an actual changelog of new Messenger builds! With the arrival of Windows Live Messenger in November last year she continued keeping users informed over at Messenger Says, where she yesterday posted her final words as a Microsoft employee. Her witty yet informative blog posts will definitely be missed! If you wanna keep track of Leah's ventures keep an eye on her new Space. Good luck in California, Leah!

 Microsoft Messenger for mac 6.0 released
Microsoft Messenger for mac 6.0 released

timothy says ( 28 Sep 2006 ):


Today Microsoft Messenger for mac 6.0 was released on mactopia's site. New features include:

- Chat with Yahoo! Messenger contacts
- Add a status message that your personal contacts can see
- Share what you are listening to in iTunes with your personal contacts
- Create, send, and receive custom emoticons with personal contacts
- Send and receive custom animated emoticons with personal contacts
- Search for conversation histories using Spotlight
- Check the spelling in your instant messages

Mess-patch for Mac will be updated for this new version later this week.

>> Get Microsoft Messenger for Mac 6.0

[also reported by: thenewbf] pilots new Windows Live Alerts pilots new Windows Live Alerts

timothy says ( 27 Sep 2006 ):


anachronic example of our new messenger news alerts!Ten thousands of Messers have signed up for our Messenger-delivered news alerts since we launched them on August 16th 2004.

I guess our early adoption and the fairly large subscriber base were enough reasons for the LiveMessage people behind the service to contact for Beta-testing their new Windows Live Alerts. I've been informed by the team that they went live on Monday, however I think this news will be the first to pop up in the now watermarked toast in Windows Live Messenger.

Feel free to leave your comments on the forum!

>> Receive the latest news directly via Messenger. Sign up here (update: fixed...again).

 Treat yourself with a free Xbox 360 Meego
Treat yourself with a free Xbox 360 Meego

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2006 ):


free meego dynamic display picturesMeeZone, the home of Meegos, is running a promo on its Asian sites allowing you to create an Xbox 360-themed Dynamic Display Picture for free! The Xbox Meego can be either male or female and comes with no less than nine moods.

>> Get Meegoing here.

>> Get an Xbox 360(TM) FREE*! (Ad)

[Reported by: stanley101] [Can you Digg it?]

 Put your hands up for, our lovely site
Put your hands up for, our lovely site

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2006 ): is turning 5 today.

Have I really spent five years of my life updating such a relatively small piece of world wide web estate? Did hundreds and hundreds of cool people out there indeed help me out, contributing in dozens of different ways to this site? And... holy Jesus on a pogo stick: over one hundred million people actually found their way to!

MADNESS! But all true.

I remember very well how it all started with a copy of Microsoft Frontpage, a brown (surprisingly not yellorange) page background and an image of B.A. Baracus. That was May 2001, and I started "coding" the ASCII Nickname Construction Kit. Then came exams and later Summer, so it wasn't until early September that same year that I fired up Frontpage again. Out of boredom because my girlfriend left for Spain on a student exchange program (thank God she did!). On September 11th (I know, worst timing EVER) I uploaded a couple of .HTM pages to my free student webspace and sent the link out to a couple of my MSN Messenger 3.6 contacts. I got my first 10 visitors. On September 27th I started to see things "big" so I decided to register a domain name and was born.

Now I'm not gonna romanticize the past five years just because it's a special day. Running a hobby project that unexpectedly grows seriously out of hand has had many consequences, including very bad ones like missed opportunities and shattered relationships. Despite the weird nickname and the low profile attitude, there's a thin line between Mess and me as my friends and family all know. So what I would like to do today isn't blow a whistle wearing the party hat. Instead I would like to say sorry to those I have disappointed in my personal life while continuously pursuing this online venture... But I hope you understand.

Yup, this is dwergs in a very emotional mood. This fifth birthday will be a very serene one.

But it won't be long until hell breaks loose...


 Updated: Mess Patch G5 for 8.0 and all 8.1 Betas
Updated: Mess Patch G5 for 8.0 and all 8.1 Betas

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2006 ):


mess patchJust as we promised here are updated versions of Mess Patch Generation 5 now available in 18 (!) different languages. Completely new is the Slovenian translation by NuClY, but of course we'd like to thank ALL translators for their great work!

Mess Patch for 8.1 has been fixed to work with all Beta builds currently out in the wild, including the recent obligatory update 8.1.0068. Also updated are the included patching profiles coming from the likes of Rolando, theunknown & Patchou.

Can you think of a reason not to use Mess Patch? I think not.

>> Download Mess Patch G5 for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812 [More info].

>> Download Mess Patch G5 for Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta [More info].

>> Read the Mess Patch online documentation.

 Another ad puts Messenger into contrast
Another ad puts Messenger into contrast

dwergs says ( 25 Sep 2006 ):


I should be getting paid big bucks for posting all these Messenger-related ads lately! Here's another one straight from the UK (don't let the Eastern setting fool you), created by WCRS for mobile media company, 3. The cool Expo ad, which promotest mobile messaging (MSN Messenger) for 3 customers, kind of has the same starting point as the Communication Evolved series: traditional versus contemporary communication.

UPDATE: I was told by Messer nuttynovas that in the actual TV ad "MSN Messenger" was replaced with "instant messenger", probably because that covers all three compatible services (WLM, MSNM and Y!IM) altogether. UPDATE bis: Then Kangie, who is already sick and tired of the ad that gets a lot of airtime, assures me it does say "MSN Messenger". Oh well :)

 Windows Live Messenger learns five Indian languages
Windows Live Messenger learns five Indian languages

dwergs says ( 25 Sep 2006 ):


MSN India announced that Windows Live Messenger is now available in five Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The event coincides with the launch of five new Indian language MSN portals as well as a whole new look for MSN India. The additional languages will definitely add to the Messenger boom India is experiencing. Unfortunately, I do not speak any of these languages so I couldn't find the direct download links. Drop me a note if you can provide.

Earlier this month, MSN India unveiled a promotional website for the extremely popular Lage Raho Munna Bhai Bollywood movie. The site invites visitors to add the Munna Bhai Bot ( which communicates in the typical "hilarious Munna Bhai-ishtyle" (whatever that may be). Users would need to answer his riddles and come up with witty jokes to win movie tickets, CDs and (no, you're still in the 21st century:) cassettes!

Why am I telling you all this? Not that an awful lot of Messers live in India. Meh, it's just an excuse to link to this incredibly cool short Kollywood fragment featuring Little Superstar. Go Simbu, go Simbu!

(Kudos to Eva for sharing it with me).

[Source: Domain-B & ITNewsOnline]

 Miglia Dialog phone, no strings attached
Miglia Dialog phone, no strings attached

dwergs says ( 25 Sep 2006 ):


Miglia, the European company famous for its video, audio and storage products, has introduced a wire-free VoIP phone compatible with most voice-miglia dialog phonesupported IM clients (on both Mac & Windows), including of course Windows Live Messenger. Unlike Microsoft's own Windows Live Messenger phones, Miglia's stripped-down Dialog phone has no LED screen and no number keys, just a call button and a volume control which is enough to let you scroll through your contact list on your computer screen. Once in a call you can walk up to 20-feet away from your computer which should be enough to go make a fresh cup of coffee or, hell, even a vodka & coke in your kitchen.

>> Product info here (42.54 / $80 excl. VAT).

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