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 Windows Live Messenger 9.0 part of Echoes platform: syncs IM, SMS & Voice
Windows Live Messenger 9.0 part of Echoes platform: syncs IM, SMS & Voice

dwergs says ( 30 May 2008 ):


Mary Jo Foley is reporting some very interesting findings about a new Microsoft platform currently under construction and code-named Echoes. The platform aims to make the scaling and expediting of the Windows Live mobile services easier, and will provide telco carriers with a common network address book, simultaneous multi-device ringing, SMS in/out messaging, click-to-call, single-sign on, etc. Phase 1 of the Echoes service is expected to be rolled out in July 2008, together with the (public?) Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta (which as we know comes with the very useful MPOP-feature).

Interpreting a quote from Bill Gates during a speech in Japan that goes "We can get rid of phone numbers", Mary Jo Foley shares the following overview of Echoes as given by her tipster:

Starting with Echoes Wave 1 — the first iteration of Microsoft’s services platform for telco providers that is due out this summer — Microsoft plans to synchronize contacts. In other words, Windows Live Messenger contacts will appear in a mobile user’s address book (if the carrier is using Echoes). The contacts will be synced via Windows Live Messenger, so duplicates are eliminated.

Windows Live Messenger contacts will automatically appear in users’ phone address book, so that even if they don’t know one of their contact’s phone number, they still will be able to call it. Numbers will be able to ring simultaneously on multiple devices/systems. On the flip side, Echoes will help insure instant-messaging-to-SMS continuity. A user can send an IM to any mobile contact, and the contact can respond via a text message.
According to the same source, this is how the platform will work:
1) Echoes will assign a local mobile number to each Windows Live contact.

2) Via its Address Book sync capabilities, Echoes will push these new new contacts into any mobile phone (no client required).

3) The user will be able to compose an SMS or place a voice call to these contacts.

4) Echoes will ensure text messages are delivered to Windows Live contacts as chat conversations, and replies will be sent back from Messenger as SMS.

5) Voice calls can be connected through Echoes directly from the mobile to the Windows Live Messenger user's PC.

6) As the mobile user will appear always "Online" to friends (using Echoes client emulation server), conversations also will be able to start from the Windows Live cloud, pushed to the mobile as SMS.
Echoes, to be continued (inued... inued)!

 Phishing Alert: Pics for MSN Friends
Phishing Alert: Pics for MSN Friends

dwergs says ( 29 May 2008 ):


I've recently noticed a few of my rather unfortunate contacts being fooled by a new chain of phishing sites, which is supposed to represent a "100% real and upcoming Messenger Community Site" called PICS FOR MSN FRIENDS (v1.1c). The site asks for your "MSN E-mail" and "MSN Password" in a webform that mimics the look of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and, if provided, abuses your account to spam your contacts with its URL.

pics for msn friends phishing site

I'm sure there are a whole lot more (please share) but the URLs I've already seen passing by are:,,, and (DON'T VISIT THESE)
I ran them through Messenger's weak SPIM/phishing filter and sure enough, they all got through.

In case you've fallen for the hoax, change the password for your Windows Live ID as soon as possible. See here for instructions on how to do that.

 Windows Live for Nokia launched in 7 more countries
Windows Live for Nokia launched in 7 more countries

dwergs says ( 29 May 2008 ):


windows live for nokiaWindows Live for Nokia, which initially launched in August last year, has been made available in seven new countries: Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Poland, Romania and the USA. Like before, the service will be free to try until at some point Microsoft announces billing plans.

A total of 16 different Nokia S60 handsets are now compatible with Windows Live for Nokia: Nokia N73, N80 Internet Edition, N95, N95 8GB, N76, N81, N82, N93i, E90, E65, E61i, E51, 6120, 5700, 6110. The last three must first download a software pack at

>> More information at

>> Screenshots over at Live with Phil.

 Digsby update deals with last known Messenger bugs
Digsby update deals with last known Messenger bugs

dwergs says ( 28 May 2008 ):


digsbyWhen the official Windows Live Messenger software (Beta or not) takes ages to be updated, I have to make do with an updated third party clients (see post below too). The latest public Beta build (31) of IM/SN aggreator Digsby deals with the last known bugs with Windows Live Messenger conversations, "which were causing incoming messages to not arrive." Ouch, I know, but everything's supposed to work now.

>> Download Digsby for Windows.

 eBuddy Lite Messenger adds Offline Messaging
eBuddy Lite Messenger adds Offline Messaging

dwergs says ( 27 May 2008 ):


ebuddy lite messenger supports offline messagingeBuddy Lite Messenger -the slimmed-down version of eBuddy for mobile phones- has added support for offline messaging, a feature we have been introduced to in the official Windows Live Messenger client in 2006.

To show your offline contacts, go to settings and select Show offlines. You can now send any of these people messages even though they're offline. Naturally, you can also receive the messages that were sent to you while you were offline. They'll appear right after you log into Lite Messenger.

Oh, and let me check. One second... Yep, links to are still being blocked on the Messenger network.

>> Point your mobile browser to

PS: I found the picture of the real-life eBuddy over here.

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