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 Twenty new Web Activities now LIVE: Facebook,, Digg, etc.
Twenty new Web Activities now LIVE: Facebook,, Digg, etc.

dwergs says ( 28 Apr 2009 ):


As announced last week, the following 20 services have now been added to the list of available Web Activities in Windows Live: Arto, Bilddagboken, Dada, Dailymotion, Digg, Facebook, Fotolog, Hevre, Hyves,, LiveJournal, MClub, metroFLOG, MSN, Overblog, SmugMug, The Zune Social, TypePad, and Zoo.

If you add these to your Windows Live profile, your updates on these third party sites will appear in the What's new with you feed on your profile. And depending on your privacy settings, the updates will also be shared in Messenger's What's new feed in, on Windows Live Hotmail and on

Windows Live Facebook Web Activity

In addition, you can now also import contacts from LinkedIn, MySpace, Hi5 and Tagged into Windows Live, instead of just Facebook. Importing from Bebo, as announced last year, is not yet enabled. Head to to start importing your friends from these other networks.

Other improvements according to Rob Dolin:
- RSS feeds are now easier to find for blogs and lists.
- You’ll start to notice improved results when searching for people on Windows Live from the Windows Live Home or People pages.
- On Windows Live Home, you can now update your Personal Status Message inline, without going to a separate message editing page.

 Messenger Plus! turns 8, have your say about version 5
Messenger Plus! turns 8, have your say about version 5

dwergs says ( 27 Apr 2009 ):


Messenger Plus!, the most popular add-on for Windows Live Messenger has turned 8, and according to creator Patchou that's way past its originally intended life span.

"The next version will mark the beginning of something new, different, and more satisfying for everybody," he continues, and then asks the users one simple, open-ended question: What do you think of Messenger Plus!?. So this is your chance to describe in as many words as you need, in English or French, what you like or hate about Messenger Plus! and what you would like to see in the next major update (version 5). Patchou promises to read it all.

>> Go to the We want to hear it from YOU! feedback form.

Finally, our congratulations go out to the entire Plus! crew for the 8th anniversary of this fantastic piece of software!

 BuddyFuse integrates Hyves with Windows Live Messenger, promises more
BuddyFuse integrates Hyves with Windows Live Messenger, promises more

Inky says ( 26 Apr 2009 ):


If you use the Dutch social network site Hyves and it's Kwekker chat function, then have we got news for you! Just before the weekend the BuddyFuse team has released the very first (beta) version of their application. By installing BuddyFuse, you can simply sign in to Messenger and chat seamlessly with your friends on Hyves.

Egbert Pot explains (Dutch):

But wait, that's not all! Although BuddyFuse is only for Hyves at the moment, there are some rumours floating around that the BuddyFuse team is already working on expanding their add-on to also support other popular IM networks, including Facebook. We will definitely keep an eye on this one!

>> Download BuddyFuse.

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