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cool msn nicknames MSN NICKNAME TIPS 'n TRICKS

1) AzN_Kronik discovered a trick to have a blank nickname. Just go to Personal Settings and delete your current nick. Then hold ALT and press 0160 (with your numeric keypad on a Standard US keyboard). Press ok et voilà!

2) The "hard enter" has been around for ages (at least from the moment Stieno told me about it). It allows you to make a multi-line nickname. However, Microsoft has disabled the possibility to type it manually. Here's workaround to have multiline nicknames. Just experiment with it yourself or use the generators below, it's a pretty cool feature!

Here's's tool to make your own
underlined or boxed nickname.

Important: Microsoft has DISABLED multiline nicknames. Follow these instructions if you want to use nicknames generated here...

UNDERLINED NICKNAME (tnx to The Guru) BOXED NICKNAME (tnx to 10X from Ahead)
1. Enter your nickname in the text box above
1. Press HERE to make a line as long as the nickname you're going to use
2. Press HERE just once
2. Press HERE just once and then HERE
3. Click HERE about as much as there are characters in your nickname
3. Type your nickname, then HERE and then HERE
4. Press the "copy to clipboard" button"
4. Press HERE to make an equally long line as in step 1
5. Go to your Personal Settings in MSN Messenger & press CONTROL-V in the display name box.
5. See step 4 & 5 in the left column ;)

NOTE by ramx1: "if you add a whole lot of spaces before the second step, most users wont notice the ugly way it looks in the contact listing... it'll only show up on the chat window". Neat huh?!

slasher tip
: use /, \ and | to make your own M, W and V like this /\/\, \/\/, \/. And while we're at it, why not throw in ), (, [ and ]? You'll get letters like (\), (\/), (/\), ]\/[, [/\], etc. Cool huh?! Don't thank me, thank fubushakur, mark (, vera, Piet and others.

/-\  //-\  //-\\
]-[  ][=][  }-{
][ []
][_ []_
/\/\  (\/)  ]\/[  /\\/\\  ]\\/[  ][\\//][  []\\/[] (M)
(\)  ]\\[  (N)  ][\\][
[]D ][° ][*
][_][  |_|
\/  \\//
\/\/  (/\)  [/\]  \\/\\/  \\//\\//  (W)

5) Blocked Baffler prank by RUNAMUCK! and I quote him:
"Fool your average online chatter friends by adding "(Blocked)" next to your name."