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messenger plus colour add-ons nickexp bettername gradier MESSENGER PLUS! 2 COLOR ADDONS

messenger plus! 2 addonAdd-on creators already realised the power of these colour codes and developed 2nd tier add-ons (an add-on for an add-on!) to create funky effects with these colour codes:

- NickEXP! by ~Taz & A-W turns your dull display name into a multicolored extravaganza when it appears in the conversation window. And people who don't use MP2 will see your name in their contact lists without any weird characters. It's available from our MSN Add-ons collection. Example:

- Gradier
by Billy Woods, Mister JAD, Dark Sidious and Naosuke magically formats your instant messages into blending rainbows. Really, it's tripping! You can use the generated color-frenzy in your nicknames as well! There are still a few bugs to be 'ironed out', but if you follow the tips (in the Help menu), you should get the best possible results from it. Feel free to download, but don't forget to download the French VB6 Runtimes along the way (hopefully Mister JAD compiles a version with the English runtime as well?). Thanks to Johnny_Mac for showing me this app!

- BetterName (part of BetterMSN) by Neil is another color add-on for Messenger Plus! that drew inspiration from the two above. More information and a download link here.

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