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msn messenger plus! addonWe don't usually dedicate a complete sub-section at to one single add-on, but the Messenger Plus! 2 extension by Patchou (MP2 hereafter) is worth the effort big time. Not only was it one of the first add-ons for MSN Messenger -it was on this site from the beginning when started in September 2001!- it's also one of the most professional and let's not forget: USEFUL extensions out there. If you have never heard of MP2 before, don't hesitate and download it right here, right now. You'll never regret it :) You can also grab it from sock's extensively updated Messenger Plus! mirror list.

The object of this page is not to provide you with a complete manual on each and every option in the user-friendly MP2, because they already speak for themselves. Nope,'s goal is to extend the extension even further so you can enjoy the available options even more... and maybe you'll learn things you -and Patchou himself- didn't know about!

Currently covered:

- Messenger Plus 2 Font Codes;

- Messenger Plus 2 Color Add-ons;

- Messenger Plus 2 Country Flags;

- Messenger Plus 2 Commands;

- Messenger Plus 2 Special Tags;

- Messenger Plus 2 Advanced Options & Reg File Generator

- Away Messages;

- Messenger Plus 2 Sounds (was: Easter Eggs)

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