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mess with msn messenger TRIBUTE TO ROLANDO, AN MSN MESSENGER SKIN GOD (by EvilSeph)

New skin released, as well as the last...

     Everything sadly must come to an end. He revolutionised MSN Messenger skinning,
in my views and has definitely gone a long way from one skin to a great
multi-tude of skins. His work extends from the great Mess.Be to with
great praise from all. I am personally a large fan of his and I wish I could do
what he can. His MSN Messenger skin based on the linux mascot is one of my
favourites. Even when I thought there was no way he could improve his skins, he
miracously and unbeleiveably did it! As time passed we became what I would call
good friends. I trusted him and he trusted me. He even let me test his skins,an
oppurtunity so many dream of having. His work is admired by so many others,
skinners and "messers" alike.
I would even go as far as saying that everyone of
you "messers" would be honoured if he did a skin you requested or a skin based
on your software.

     Recently he moved along to help and be active in the Messenger Plus! forums.
There he was a hit as well. People there loved his skins. Thanks to him -- we
now have a new generation of skinners. With every new release of MSN Messenger
-- he was there, updating his skins for those hungry-skin-using users out there.

I guess it's safe to say that although he updated the skins, when he did so, he
wasn't exactly the happiest of us all. I mean seriously, if you were annoyed at
something, a new program that you have to update your skin for, would you carry
on and update it? I know I wouldn't. Where I would have given up, he never
ceased. Where I would have stopped with one, he made many. Where I would have
failed, he prevailed.

     It's been an honour being his friend, colleague in a way and skin tester. It
has been an honour to also report such news as this to the Messenger community
about his skins. His work is greatly appreciated by myself and I'm sure by
others too. This person is none other than the great skin god, Rolando. I
believe he wished to go out with a bang.
As with his decision to end MSN
Messenger skin production, he is also releasing one last skin. His decision is
final, no matter how hard I try to persuade him to stay, he has good reason to
left the MSN Messenger skinning scene and I highly doubt he will be forgotten
anytime soon.

     Regardless, I fully support his decision -- even though I'm still trying to get
him to stay. I do believe, this is a rather sad day for the MSN Messenger
community that has grown a substantial amount over time.
If you have any problem
with this post then please inform me somehow, but bear in mind, what I say here
is what I truly mean. This post is quite personal and I hope it will not be
removed anytime soon, I do hope it will pass over time but will not be modified
no removed.

     In honour of the once great MSN Messenger skin god, Rolando.

     I end by saying,
That I believe that this is a rather sad day for the MSN Messenger community.

     Great work Rolando, I do wish you could have stayed. You are an asset to the
MSN Messenger community beyond imagination -- in my honest and true opinion.
Your work surpasses that of any I've seen before (no offence to anyone intended)
and you are a great friend, colleague and role model to me.

- EvilSeph

Rolando's MSN Messenger 6 skins on

Penguin MSN: downloaded 24884 times
Neowin Messenger: downloaded 9555 times
Urban MSN: downloaded 43277 times
MSN Messed Edition: downloaded 75595 times
Futuristic MSN: downloaded 36268 times
GANT MSN: just added...
Total downloads: 189579

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