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 How they built the Windows Live Facebook App
How they built the Windows Live Facebook App

dwergs says ( 01 May 2008 ):


Meet Steve Gordon and Chris Parker, the Softies responsible for the official Windows Live Messenger application for Facebook which was released a few days ago. Like it says on the box, Steve and Chris give a demo of Messenger on Facebook and you'll also see them whiteboard how the application was built.

>> Watch the 28 minute video on Channel 9.
>> Download the video as WMV or MP4.
>> Add the Windows Live Messenger for Facebook application via this link.

Not everybody is over the moon with the implementation though and it is arguable whether the application delivers a pleasant user experience (it's Captcha HIP hell and I love/hate Captcha HIP). Is the app even appealing at all when you have a tool like Invite2Messenger which sort of does the reverse? Microsoft was compelled to make this, and I'm glad they did, but with Facebook Chat gone worldwide and a kickass aggregator like Digsby now consecrating the latter to a polygamous marriage with Windows Live Messenger, I'm afraid it's a stillborn child. For Steve, Chris and the entire Windows Live team, I do hope I'm wrong...

 Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 not blowing Adium X away
Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 not blowing Adium X away

dwergs says ( 30 Apr 2008 ):


Will Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 dethrone the Mac crowd's favorite cross-platform IM client, Adium X? I asked a few Mac users on my contact list and frankly, none of them had tried yesterday's "major" release yet. "I can't be bothered" was the common tone of the replies. The comments on the Mac Mojo blog indicate that people weren't really waiting for the new features but instead long for offline messaging and, of course, audio/video chat. Another interesting observation came from Imran at Web Worker Daily:

"As well as the new features, there are a number of minor aesthetic improvements, from more spacious chat windows, to cleaner notification windows and (ahem) a white outline around the application icon! Sadly, file transfer is as slow as ever (a 67k PDF took a minute!) though conversations with Y! Messenger users seem to be much more stable and less error-prone than before."
And then plenty of annoying bugs have already been discovered, like this one by Dan from Maciverse:
"I was unable to edit my profile picture as the application rejected the countless number of .jpg, .gif, .png images I tried to select. It even failed to let me select one of its default pictures as clicking the OK button did absolutely nothing"
Talking about bugs, Adium X's v1.2.5 release on the 28th (some timing, huh?) squashed nearly two dozen. Download the new version here. But not until you give Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 a try, okay? (And feel free to leave comments on our forum).

 See see! Hear hear! Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 is here
See see! Hear hear! Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 is here

dwergs says ( 30 Apr 2008 ):


Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 has seen the light of day just a few moments ago and yes, it includes long awaited audio/video features but not yet for home users on Windows Live. Here's a breakdown of the new features in both flavours of the software:

Corporate service (requires Office Communications Server 2007):
- Audio/video, finally!

"Through the corporate service in Messenger for Mac, you can now conduct virtual meetings with your co-workers using audio and video calls. You can communicate inside or outside your corporate network, you can communicate with co-workers running Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 on Windows, you can even participate in a multi-party Audio or Video conference."
- New search feature.
- More detailed presence information (eg. "In a call" when a A/V call is active).
- Personal status message.
- Mac OS X Bonjour support: the ability to detect other Messenger for Mac users that are near by on the same local network.

Personal service (requires a Windows Live ID):
- Bonjour support as well.
- Assign identifiable nicknames to contacts.
- New contact search field (aka word wheel).

The A/V for the personal service is still on track but needs syncing with the Windows Live Messenger protocols first. For more information please see this post.

>> Download Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7 (available in 11 languages).

>> Read the announcement post at Mac Mojo.

[Reported by: Zop and Chris4]

 New Windows Live Messenger application for Facebook
New Windows Live Messenger application for Facebook

Inky says ( 29 Apr 2008 ):


The guys from the Messenger & Contacts Web Platform Team have released a (really) cool new application for Facebook. The application was written using the Messenger Library, which was released earlier this year around Mix '08, and throws the IM Control in the mix as well to create the best Facebook application for fanatic messers so far.

On the main page of the web application you can see which of your friends have also added the application, and who of those friends are online. You can then start a conversation with a friend on the list, or if you haven't already, add them to your Messenger buddy list. Besides these options, there is also a page dedicated to letting you invite those friends who aren't using the application yet by sending them a message asking them to add you to their buddy list.

The application has been tested extensively over the past few weeks, and has just passed the 1000-user mark. All in all, the application looks and works really great, and is definitely a good addition to the wide range of Facebook applications. It will certainly be more useful to messers than the recently released chat feature of Facebook!

We're certainly looking forward to what's in store next... perhaps a more customized conversation window with a few more features? :-) Either way, the team is looking to hear from you, so submit your feedback, ideas, suggestions and bug reports to fbhelp[at]microsoft[dot]com, or via the form on the Facebook website (requires sign-in).

>> Add the Messenger Application to Facebook (Requires you to sign in to Facebook)

 Updated: Messenger Discovery Live 1.4.5
Updated: Messenger Discovery Live 1.4.5

dwergs says ( 28 Apr 2008 ):


The MessengerDiscovery Live addon has made a come-back and development is going so strong I missed the first update (v1.4) about a week ago while Matt has already released version 1.4.5. I'll sum up some of the most noteworthy changes in the recent releases:

messenger discovery live addon for windows live messenger- Parental controls (eg. only allow certain accounts to sign into Messenger).
- Allow conversation windows to stay open after signing out.
- Unblock a contact after a certain amount of time
- Automatically decline group conversations when status is not "Online".
- New commands that allow you to change your nickname (!nick), personal status message (!psm), send an IM (!im), etc.
- Vista style settings interface
- No more ads in the installer and tray menu.
- Dozens of bUgfixes.
- Etc. (check out the complete changelog).

A contest has been launched to celebrate the new Messenger Discovery Live with one iPod classic to be won for each of the next three months, but read the rules and instructions carefully.

>> Download Messenger Discovery Live 1.4.5.

[Source: MessengerDiscovery forum announcement]

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