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 Windows Live Hotmail goes live in Belgium
Windows Live Hotmail goes live in Belgium

dwergs says ( 04 May 2007 ):


Starting today, Hotmail users in our little .be country are offered the opportunity to enter the Windows Live Hotmail era with all their existing mail left in place. Switchers can still opt for the classic Hotmail look or the "Web 2.0" style inbox. I'm not sure and I'm too short on time to check, but I think registrations have now become available as well.

>> Visit the Windows Live Hotmail launch page.

[Reported by: Forcom]

 Whoopee, French Canadian Kiwee free aussi!
Whoopee, French Canadian Kiwee free aussi!

dwergs says ( 04 May 2007 ):


According to Messer silly, the French language part of the Canadian Kiwee site has gone into freebie mode as of May 1st. This means that, just like in the English section of the site, you can gratuitously download all Winks, animated Emoticons, Dynamic Backgrounds, etc.

But if you're hoping to download content in the language of Molière and Zola, you're out of luck. As far as I can see all of the original English content has been left untranslated. Of course, you're free to show off your "savoir écrire" in your own custom Winks.

I did notice that the English version of the site still offers lots more of free content than the French one, like for instance these black-and-white movie clips in the Video Winks section.

>> Téléchargements gratuits at Kiwee Canada FR.
>> Free downloads at Kiwee Canada EN.
>> Another free French goodie: 30 auto-installable emoticônes (read the post first).

PS: Excusez-moi for the mixed-up languages in this post. I'll stop now, immédiatement.

 Yahoo! Messenger goes web-based
Yahoo! Messenger goes web-based

dwergs says ( 03 May 2007 ):


Many years after MSN Web Messenger's first appearance, Yahoo! Messenger now too has a baby brother for browsers. Despite (or maybe "because of") being so late to the game, Yahoo! Messenger for the Web (Beta) beats Microsoft's effort hands down thanks to two KILLER features:

- Search current and archived instant messages from any computer. Strange to say, Message History is not even a feature in the downloadable Yahoo! Messenger client!

- Maintain multiple conversations in one window with different tabs.

The web application, which is wrapped in a smooth Web 2.0 outfit, is of course interoperable with MSN/Windows Live Messenger just like it's desktop counterpart. The Beta was initially launched in Brazil, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States, and is available in English, Portuguese, Vietnamese and traditional Chinese.

>> Give it a try here (Yahoo! account required).

>> Check out the video preview.

 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for T-Mobile Dash leaked
Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for T-Mobile Dash leaked

dwergs says ( 02 May 2007 ):


Found out via PDAStreet that the final edition of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash has been leaked just days before its official ship date, believed to be May 4th. The upgrade includes the highly desirable Windows Live Messenger client among many other innovations.

Sure, many of those who've installed the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade are saying they've been successful. But should you encounter any problems during the update with the non-official version, you won't be able to turn to T-Mobile for help, as you'll be violating the carrier's warranty for the Dash. This is non-issue with the official Windows Mobile 6 upgrade.
>> Download link, screenshots and user experiences here.

UPDATE: T-Mobile has officially released the upgrade and Dash customers can get it for free here.

 BBC unites Messenger and Silverlight into social networking system
BBC unites Messenger and Silverlight into social networking system

dwergs says ( 02 May 2007 ):


They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but will that be the case for a prototype personalisation system demoed by the BBC at the Microsoft-hosted MIX07 conference in Las Vegas?

Using Silverlight, Microsoft's next-gen cross-platform and cross-browser plugin, in combination with Windows Live Messenger, the system allows Radio 1 listeners "to create, personalise, and share their music playlists and related content via an easy-to-use service". Content such as music, interviews, pictures and videos about bands or events can be selected and collected into so-called "badges", which can then be shared with friends and online communities. "It would allow users to watch streamed media together during a conversation in (...) Messenger," said Jason DaPonte, Executive Producer of

The article being a bit shady on how this actually works and looks like, I'd be happy to receive some photos or more details...

UPDATE: Channel9's Rory Blyth sat down with Jason DaPonte and learned how BBC is using these technologies. The conversation is available in the following formats: iPod, MP3, PSP, WMA, WMV, WMV (High) and Zune.

UPDATE #2: According to, a BBC spokeswoman said there are no current plans to launch any services based on the prototype but added: "It's all about expanding our web service." The project was headed by Jason DaPonte, with help from website consultancy AKQA, IT services company Ioko and Microsoft.

[Also reported by Chris4 while I was writing this :)]

 Quick News: catch the Pidgin, AIM+GE, Trust Chat Pack, etc.
Quick News: catch the Pidgin, AIM+GE, Trust Chat Pack, etc.

dwergs says ( 01 May 2007 ):


No major events for a few days, so for now just some bits and pieces that passed by on our telex...

The first Beta of Gaim under its new Pidgin name has been released, at the same time being the last Beta version because 2.0.0 is due to go final later this week. Earlier this month, the open-source IM client was forced to change its name after a longstanding legal dispute with AOL about the trademarked "AIM" acronym. Download the final Beta here but please note that its developers recommend to backup your current Gaim directory first.

Talking about AOL, they've done a massively cool Google Earth mashup which visualizes all AOL Instant Messenger conversations around the world within the last minute in real time using IP to City geocoding. Grab the .kml file here. Gotta see this one day for the even more widely used Windows Live Messenger, I bet our little planet would be overcrowded!

European manufacturer of budget computer peripherals, Trust, has developed the Trust Chat & VoIP Pack Portable CP-2250p, a "complete and easy-to-install chat pack especially for notebook users." The set's webcam sports a 2x digital zoom, 1.3 megapixel resolution for snapshots, adjustable clamp for attaching it to almost every notebook monitor, and a retractable USB cable. For proper voice and video chatting through MSN/Windows Live Messenger and other IM services, they've added a lightweight, foldable stereo headset with detachable microphone. The set, which was optimized for easy storage and portability, will be available from the middle of May. More information here.

Those of you with calling code +91, expect stuff to happen around Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Messenger on mobile phones. Tom Bowman, a regional advertising sales director for Microsoft, has told agencyfaqs that the company's future focus in India lies heavily on mobile and social networking. "We would like to improve the connection between Live Messenger and mobile. We also want to makes Live Spaces, our social networking product, stronger in India," he added. Internet penetration and the adoption of broadband is increasing in India, while online ad spends by Indian companies are growing.

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