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 XUG Live Services: A robot for XBOX gamers
XUG Live Services: A robot for XBOX gamers

Inky says ( 02 Jan 2007 ):


Messer, XBOX User Group admin, and XBOX Community Developer Program member Stonyarc has released a new robot for XBOX gamers around the world: The XUG Live Services. The robot is capable of providing you with information about gamers (by using the !gt command), which games are played most, the latest news from the XBOX Users Group, and more. It is partly powered by the Blobsy platform.

Although the robot is fairly new, Stonyarc already has plans to update it with new features such as more leaderboards, specific game information & news, and more elaborate data about XBOX gamers (such as active status, achievements, etc.). XUG Live Services is definitely something keep an eye on!

>> Add the XUG Live Services robot (or manually by adding

>> An overview of all XUG Live Services

>> The original announcement by Stonyarc

 Updated: StuffPlug 3 BETA
Updated: StuffPlug 3 BETA

dwergs says ( 02 Jan 2007 ):


While studying for tomorrow's exam, TheBlasphemer spent a short study break updating the public beta of StuffPlug 3 to 3.0264. The features previously reported broken are still dysfunctional but polygamy and the installer have been fixed.

TB wanted us to stress the fact that it should be used with Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0168 only.

>> Download StuffPlug 3.0264 BETA.

PS: I know I promised not to show my face around here for a week. I guess I just can't help it ;)


dwergs says ( 02 Jan 2007 ):


Hello and welcome to 2007! Glad you made it.

Oh yeah, this will be a very exciting and important year for I won't give away everything pronto but here's three things you can expect:

1) The first-ever gathering and you better! (no details yet, but to answer one burning question: it'll most likely take place in .belgium)

2) At least one competition each month. Some will be dead easy to enter, others will require some technical skills. The first one is a no-brainer and a regular one on January's top animated emoticon uploader will get a $50 gift voucher. Three simple rules:
- Maximum dimensions are 50 by 50 pixels.
- Upload them in the proper animated subcategories.
- Give them a descriptive name (no numbers).
...the contest starts NOW and closes January 31st!

3) We'll be expanding our editorial staff. Don't send in your application just yet, please wait for further details.

But first, and please allow me to usher in the new year comfortably, I'll be taking a week off. I'll still be monitoring the site, just don't expect the usual dailies from me. Mister Inky will be so be sure to stick around!

 StuffPlug 3 released as Public Beta
StuffPlug 3 released as Public Beta

dwergs says ( 01 Jan 2007 ):


stuffplug 3 beta for windows live messengerFirst of all, a happy NY07 to everyone reading this! But enough with the champagne and caviar already, back to business...

TheBlasphemer's former Plus! plugin turned standalone, StuffPlug, went into public beta on New Year's Eve. Granted, some features like the content stealer, keyboard-led flashing and "block talker" aren't ready yet, but it's a fun addon to play around with, showing great promise for the full release.

>> Download StuffPlug 3 BETA (Note: optimized for Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0168).

>> Read the public beta announcement.

[Reported by: Three6Mafia, Zahid & motomoto]

 Asian outage affects mobile Messenger client
Asian outage affects mobile Messenger client

dwergs says ( 31 Dec 2006 ):


As Messer Ali Al-Kharouf rightfully reported, the Mobile Windows Live Messenger client we premiered back in October is also suffering from the earthquake near Taiwan on Tuesday. Users worldwide of the "Made in China" java application will currently be unable to sign in and instead receive the following message:

"Sorry, some international cables are temporarily broken affected by earthquake in South Sea of China. If you fail to sign in with your mobile Messenger client now, please try later."

>> Find out more about the mobile Windows Live Messenger client.

 Prepping up & counting down... Messenger in party mode!
Prepping up & counting down... Messenger in party mode!

dwergs says ( 31 Dec 2006 ):


Thousands of Messers have already created a customized Person of the Year Display Picture. Mostly for themselves but (unsurprisingly!) Chuck Norris is the first runner-up. Create yours today and enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame while you still person of the year display picturecan, because 2007 is going to be the year of the Hoff... I can feel it!

Everyone and their uncle knows by now that Kiwee Canada is overly generous and thanks to them you can spice up your New Year's greetings via Messenger today with five free sets of animated party emoticons (get them here). Other regional Kiwee branches can be bounteous too, as proven by this free and singing Happy New Year Wink.

Talking about generosity, Belgian mobile network operator Proximus has extended its free mobile Windows Live Messenger offer for two extra months (until the end of February 2007). If you're a Proximus customer with a compatible phone, Why not send your "best wishes" over IM instead of SMS? More info here.

Finally, I've calculated the showtimes for the Nokia New Year's Party in collaboration with MSN. The first live broadcast will start in about two hours from the time I'm posting this, so tune in if you're bored and just counting down until your local party tonight:

1) Hong Kong - Atomic Kitten & guests @ 21:00 Hong Kong Time (in your timezone?).
2) Mumbai - Nelly Furtado & guests @ 21:50 Mumbai Time (in your timezone?).
3) Berlin - Scissor Sisters, Sugababes & guests @ 21:30 Berlin Time (in your timezone?).
4) Rio de Janeiro - Black Eyed Peas, Sergio Mendes, John Legend & guests @ 22:15 Rio Time (in your timezone?).
5) New York - Rihanna, Ludacris, KT Tunstall & guests @ 22:15 NY Time (in your timezone?).

The live broadcast can be watched in high quality for broadband users, and low resolution for slower connections.

I hope you all have a great time tonight and see you in the double-o-seven!

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