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 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0244
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0244

dwergs says ( 05 Aug 2005 ):


mess patchLadies and Gentleman, now the moment you've all been waiting for: the world famous Mess Patch... updated for MSN Messenger 7.5.0244 BETA.

Next to all the usual tweaks that make this all-in-one MSN Messenger patch one of our most desirable downloads, here are the changes exclusive to this new version:

- Remove Yellow Infobar from conversation windows.
- Position the Add A Contact bar at the bottom of the contact list again (suggested by MYSTERIOUS_OFFSPRING).
- French and Portuguese translations are back!
- And finally, Mess Patch Original features are now marked with a sign.

Big thanks to Rolando and the rest of the gang!

UPDATE: Oops, some bugs sneaked into the first version. Here's what we fixed in the second version, now up for download:
- Fixed "Disable Song Links" warning message.
- Fixed "Add Sign Out Button To Upper Panel" option.
- Fixed "Move Add Contact Button To Upper Panel" option.

>> Believe me, you want to download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.5.0244 BETA.

>> More info on MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA.

 What's in dwergs's postbag this week?
What's in dwergs's postbag this week?

dwergs says ( 04 Aug 2005 ):


Thought I'd dedicate a short post to stuff people repeatedly reported to me.

Naturally, many of you are giving the MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA a test run, even though it's a closed BETA with the inevitable bug or two (spotted by PoTaToX and JTAN). Some of you sure are having a very close look, even noticing the change from rounded edges to angular ones around the MSN Display Pictures in group conversations (noticed by eagle-eyes Bobbit and boeing777).

I also get a lot of virus alerts (I hear you lou_habs and Kevin!). Apparently old acquaintances are flaring up again, so may we remind for the zillionth time not to click links that include your e-mail adress, nor accept files with exotic extensions or executables.

Finally, is MSN Messenger really going downhill, like described in Brian's epistle? It does look like it, with its recent cursing (see what David says) and hacking (thanks xsicxtransitx!). Yes, the era of forbidden words is long behind us now.

So that's that then. Still 7000 e-mails to go... :( If you have really REALLY important stuff, dare to submit it again.

 Master your tabs and stuff, with TabServe 2.0 public BETA
Master your tabs and stuff, with TabServe 2.0 public BETA

dwergs says ( 04 Aug 2005 ):


At the beginning of this week Daniel started the public BETA of TabServe 2.0, a much improved version of the custom tab management service. Some of the new features include:

- You're country's default configuration.
- Change MSN Music links to something else (eg. lyrics!)
- New user interface and stats (eg. 1,173 registered users!).
- Extra search engines inside MSN Messenger.
- Easy password recovery.
- Much more...

Old accounts can no longer be accessed with this system, but will still be 'served' for a few months so you don't need anything changed, you don't need to re-register immediately.

>> Screenshots and a a full list of new features here

>> Download TabServe 2.0 BETA.

>> Carefully read all the instructions (!) at the TabServe homepage.

[Reported by: XxRebelSeanxX]

 BETA-users invited to update to MSN Messenger 7.5.0244
BETA-users invited to update to <b>MSN Messenger 7.5.0244</b>

dwergs says ( 03 Aug 2005 ):


Upon signing in users of the MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA, both official and clandestine, will (or have) receive(d) an update prompt for a newer version (Did you notice the typo in Microsoft's security certificate?). If you missed it, there should still be a yellow notification bar right underneath the Add a Contact button. Besides via auto-update, the new version is also available through the Connect website to enrolled BETA-testers only.

MSN Messenger 7.5.0244 BETA comes with cosmetic changes mainly. Messer ravedave noticed that the symbols that hide msn messenger searchyour password on the log in screen are now asterisks instead of bullets. When you have Shift Lock or Caps Lock activated, MSN Messenger will remind you of that when typing in your password because it is case sensitive after all (see screenshot). Both XeroCool and cm_mc reported that the Search and Send buttons in the Conversation Window are now somewhat glued together (see screenshot to the right). In the same window, you and your contact's MSN Display Pictures have been made dependent of each other. This brings along a new bug: when your contact has no DP set and you hide yours, you can not bring it back without closing and reopening the window. Talking about bugs, after a couple of months the unlimited Nudges bug has FINALLY been fixed!

UPDATE: .EXE files will be detected as "potentially unsafe" and you will not be able to transfer them the normal way (via the ongoing convo). Rename the file (extension) or use the File Sharing activity instead.

UPDATE #2: Just noticed a debug textfile named MsnMsgr.txt in the My Received Files directory. This file is likely to get VERY big Like Inky told me, it appears to have a maximum size.

UPDATE #3: The stretched out Custom Emoticons look ever more whacky in this build. By the way, all emoticons pictured in this screenshot can be automatically installed with CustoMess, compatible with this build too.

NOTE: A Mess Patch for this version is in the pipeline.

>> Everything you want to know about MSN Messenger 7.5.

[Reported by (in chronologic order): OFFSPRING, Hessian, David, ravedave, xsicxtransitx, +Daryl«, Larney, scubasteve_2005, Leonel Galan, XeroCool, Alan Tocheri, Kuru, Klue2k, InfernalMESSER, cm_mc, shrav_007, jmm, InF3St, VoyagerFan, PoTaToX and balupton]

 Quick News: IE7 trouble, Google IM, our 233 minutes, etc.
Quick News: IE7 trouble, Google IM, our 233 minutes, etc.

dwergs says ( 02 Aug 2005 ):


Had a wedding to crash last weekend in the outskirts of Belgium, hence the lack of updates. Here's a summary of the news that passed during the past few days:

Internet Explorer 7, currently in BETA (click here) seems to come with the nasty habit of crashing third-party IM software. "Trillian, Gaim and IM2 all spit out error messages when loaded alongside IE7, and the only fix is to uninstall Microsoft's new browser," reads the article on BetaNews. Sources tell BetaNews the problem ostensibly lies in a DLL file used by the multi-network clients to connect to the MSN Messenger service. IE7 brings a new version of wininet.dll, which causes the crash if users connect to AOL Instant Messenger while also connecting to MSN. Third-party guys, you have just been sabotaged. [Reported by: Dempsey]

"If it wants to be where the online multitudes spend much of their days, search powerhouse Google might need an instant-messaging service", Bambi Francisco starts her article on why Google needs its own IM software. She's certainly right, so read on.

From the same article: comScore reports that we spent an average of 233 minutes (nearly six hours) in June on MSN Messenger. Users of AIM are still the heavist IM addicts, with an average of 441 minutes. Come on Messers, I know lots of you have summer vacation now, but during the rainy days just glue your fingers to your keyboard for me, ok? Let's show them AIM fools and double our online time! UPDATE: Please note that comScore's findings are based on the answers of 120,000 U.S. panelists who are not necessarily the heaviest Messers.

Finally, thanks to Messer Nath who sent us pictures of accessed through the official web browser that comes with the PSP 2.0 firmware. To be honest, it looks half-cool, half-terrible! But yeah, I know, it's my own bad ;) UPDATE: Timothy just told me actually looks OK on his PSP. Just don't use "resample mode" to view it.

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