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 Goodbye 2004. Hello 2005!
Goodbye 2004. Hello 2005!

dwergs says ( 31 Dec 2004 ):


Goodbye 2004, the year of:

- MSN Messenger turning FIVE!
- The return of the Forum when turned 3.
- Over 60% more visitors to compared to 2003.
- being among the first to offer News alerts through MSN Messenger.
- A whopping total of 18000 new MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons uploaded by YOU!
- The much anticipated MSN Messenger 7 BETA (a scoop!) and the Winks exploit;
- New freeware: Mess Patch, CustoMess for MSN Messenger, Freemoticons (one of which was featured front page on!);
- Several ups and downs of both Microsoft's .NET Messenger Service and the server (the downtime of the first usually affecting that of the second);
- MSN Messenger from your web browser with MSN Web Messenger (another scoop!);
- Nickname filtering coming and going;
- New official (4Across Birds,...) and third party (Minesweeper,...) MSN Messenger games;
- Messenger Plus! 3, MSN Cards, one billion Webcam Sessions on MSN Messenger and ink messaging;

- And a lot more you already know about because you've been visiting us every day! :D

Hello 2005, the year of:

- The official release of MSN Messenger 7;
- A completely restyled and revamped;
- Personalized status messages and Dynamic Display Pictures;
- A larger contact list capacity?
- A full-featured MSN Messenger for Mac?
- And a lot more you'll hear about first because you'll continue visiting us every day! :D


animated star msn emoticon 2005 new year msn emoticon animated star msn emoticon
We love you big time!

>> Download these animated emoticons directly into MSN Messenger 7 with CustoMess for MSN Messenger and send them to your contacts (copy-paste 2k5*2k5a2k5b2k5c2k5d2k5*).

 Microsoft Passport loses another biggie in eBay
Microsoft Passport loses another biggie in eBay

dwergs says ( 31 Dec 2004 ):


i love ebay msn display pictureMicrosoft's technology for identity-management on the Internet in the form of Passport took another major beating today when eBay announced that they are discontinuing their support for it. Users of eBay would not be able to use their Passport Ids to login to eBay starting late January. This news comes just after a few months another major online portal in dropped support for Passport from their online job website. These defections are raising questions on what would be the future of the Passport technology.

Also taking a beating in this news update is the MSN Messenger .NET News Alerts. eBay said that they would discontinue support for alerts through this service. Customers could however still use alerts on mobile or email. eBay also has their own toolbar for their services, which would be working as well for the same facilities.

Experts believe eBay took this step noticing that Microsoft is no longer making investment in the Passport initiative. In addition, competition is growing fast with standards developed by Liberty Alliance getting popular amongst e-transaction websites.

>> Don't worry, you can still sign up for free News .NET Messenger Alerts.

[Reported by: Ben] [Source: TechWack & eBay]

 Wear your MSN Display Picture and support the earthquake victims
Wear your MSN Display Picture and support the earthquake victims

dwergs says ( 29 Dec 2004 ):


buy a t-shirt and donate to tsunami victimsDidn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Did your relatives splurge on that reindeer sweater you've always wanted and will be using as a rag in about 2 days? Don't worry - is here with their crazy Boxing week specials:

- 20% off all hoodies!
- 15% off all long-sleeves!
- only $12 for selected t-shirts!

Combine these specials with the December promos (Buy 2 hoodies get a free beanie, buy 3 t-shirts get one free) and you're in for one hell of a bargain! Sales end Friday the 31st so pick some up today!

But that's not all! Per t-shirt sold through our links during the sales period, we at will donate 100% of our commission to the Red Cross appeal fund. That's $4 per t-shirt, $6 per hoodie, $0.75 per Halo 2 figure and so on...

When was the last time you bought a t-shirt and provided major humanitarian aid doing so..? Exactly!

>> MSN Display Pictures you can also wear.

>> Shop and support.

UPDATE: Big thanks to the eight Messers who showed their support to Asian seaquake victims already by buying a Splitreason t-shirt through! Why don't you follow their example? :)

 FAQ: What are Dynamic Display Pictures?
FAQ: What are Dynamic Display Pictures?

dwergs says ( 28 Dec 2004 ):


In early betas of MSN Messenger 7 a subcategory called Dynamic Display Pictures used to appear in the My Display Picture menu. Formerly referred to as Deluxe Display Pictures, this special type of MSN Display Pictures is supposed to change automatically according to your mood. I bet you're wondering what they are and where they went to!

>> FAQ: What are Dynamic Display Pictures?

 Red Cross accepting aid for tsunami victims
Red Cross accepting aid for tsunami victims

dwergs says ( 27 Dec 2004 ):


support asian quake and tsunami victims and donate!One of the largest earthquakes in recent memory hit Southeast Asia on Sunday morning, setting off tsunamis that killed thousands. Measured at 8.9, it is the strongest earthquake since a 9.2 quake hit Alaska in 1964.

We're calling all Messers to donate to the Red Cross, world's largest humanitarian organization, assisting to some 500,000 people and bringing immediate support to relief operations in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in the affected region.

>> Donate today (please be patient while the website loads and/or try again later if the site doesn't appear).

>> Read the evolving story at CNN.

>> Read eyewitness e-mails.

 Added: More Jessica, Ashlee and Mandy MSN Display Pictures
Added: More Jessica, Ashlee and Mandy MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 26 Dec 2004 ):


jessica biel msn display picturesHo ho ho, girls girls girls! Kudos to lpchick for another celebrity batch upload:

>> Browse 40 Jessica Biel MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 438 Mandy Moore MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 264 Ashlee Simpson MSN Display Pictures.

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