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 MSN Messenger on a Sony PSP hack: the pictures
MSN Messenger on a Sony PSP hack: the pictures

dwergs says ( 18 Jun 2005 ):


We told you before about this Sony PSP hack that allows you to log into MSN Messenger on your portable console. Well, in case you weren't convinced we now got screenshots to prove it! Check out our new FAQ: How can I connect to MSN Messenger using a Sony PSP. Interested in buying a Sony PSP? We can highly recommend Lik-Sang, and yes, they ship worldwide so you can get games and consoles before anyone else!

 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

dwergs says ( 17 Jun 2005 ):


If you're reading this, you're riding the back of the new beast...

It's been two years already since we last switched servers, but the time was right for another major upgrade. All I can say is this opens nice perspectives, and leave you with this Daft Punk verse:

"Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After Hour
Work Is Never Over
" ;)

NOTE: While the DNS update propagates it's perfectly possible that you can not succesfully visit or use CustoMess. Please don't panic :) Just give it a couple of hours.

 MSN silently expels MSN Alerts vulnerability
MSN silently expels MSN Alerts vulnerability

dwergs says ( 17 Jun 2005 ):


Lots of dangerous bugs are populating the domain lately. Fortunately, benign bug hunters are kind enough to report them to the proper authorities.

Adding up to the trend you might have noticed that at the beginning of this week the links in our News Alerts (or any other MSN Messenger or e-mail alert you signed up for) were not working. While none of the registered webmasters were briefed about the considerable 48 hours downtime, we have reason to believe it's related to Segosa's XSS bug discovery on one of the pages. By now, the bug has been expelled and links are valid again.

Regrettably, our MSN Alerts contact person was not available for comment. The MessageCast service was acquired by MSN last month.

>> Join the 17434 Messers who already subscribed to our News Alerts.

>> An XSS vulnerability could grant a hacker access to one's Hotmail account. How would celebrity inboxes look like? Make us a spoof!

[Reported by: ShawnZ]

 MessengerDiscovery X uninstaller leaves nasty aftertaste
MessengerDiscovery X uninstaller leaves nasty aftertaste

dwergs says ( 16 Jun 2005 ):


Messer MoRiA is warning everyone who doesn't like the recently released MessengerDiscovery X to backup their registry BEFORE uninstalling the addon. Because of a nasty bug the uninstaller erases important keys "leaving you with no programs running on boot". We advise you to follow these instructions:

1) Click Start > Run and launch regedit.

2) Find and export these keys:


3) Uninstall MessengerDiscovery X.

4) Back to the registry editor, check which Run key it deleted.

5) Merge the appropriate .reg file.

6) Manually delete the MessengerDiscovery X value (You could delete it from the .reg files before you merged, instead).

More information on backing up your registry file can be found here.

UPDATE: Timothy has made a small file that creates backups of the necessary registry keys. Get it here and follow the easy instructions.

UPDATE #2: We expect MDX developer ecko_complex to issue a fix as soon as possible. The installer was just fixed. The new version can be downloaded here [Reported by: Erik]

>> Participate in the MessengerDiscovery X forum thread.

 *MASSIVE* Celebrity MSN Display Pictures update
*MASSIVE* Celebrity MSN Display Pictures update

dwergs says ( 15 Jun 2005 ):


eva longoria msn display picturesJust when I thought upload-a-holic lpchick forever lost her password to our Custom Emoticons and Display Pictures database, she surprised me with a gigantesque contribution of as many as 677 MSN Display Pictures, which must've took her hours to upload. RESPECT, girl!

Apart from enlarging many existing series, lpchick is responsible for new female celebrity categories for the sexeh Eva Longoria and natural-beauty Evangeline Lilly.

>> Browse 195 Jennifer Lopez MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 300 Hilary Duff MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 55 Nicole Richie MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 666 (!) Britney Spears MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 383 Paris Hilton MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 293 Jessica Simpson MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 315 Ashlee Simpson MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 335 Avril Lavigne MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 194 Jennifer Garner MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 90 Eva Longoria MSN Display Pictures (new category).

>> Browse 48 Evangeline Lilly MSN Display Pictures (new category).

>> Browse 98 Ian Somerhalder MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 395 Art & Kitsch MSN Display Pictures.

 Feature-rich and Adware-free Messenger Discovery X goes final
Feature-rich and Adware-free Messenger Discovery X goes final

dwergs says ( 14 Jun 2005 ):


The MSN Messenger third party addon scene is far from dead, as the today released Messenger Discovery X proves. After months of hard work, ecko_complex and his team of beta-testers deliver good looking and smooth running addon, jam-packed with impressive features. My favorite ones include webcam recording (ladies, you've been warned!), automatic clipboard sending, the handy "My Received Files" organizer and Auto-Replying. There's much more under the hood, but since the official feature page is still under construction I suggest you have a look at this review showed to me by )(Rockerboy.

I'm also extremely relieved about the fact that ecko_complex has expelled the previously bundled adware and replaced it with 20 seconds of advertisements. Puts him one up in my book!

>> Download MessengerDiscovery X.

NOTE: MessengerDiscovery X is fully compatible with the Messenger Plus!addon, the StuffPlug-NG 2 plugin and, of course, MSN Messenger 7 itself.

[Reported by: Absorbation, HalfDead, toddmyster & Lance]

 MSN Messenger viruses become ruder, spelling challenged
MSN Messenger viruses become ruder, spelling challenged

dwergs says ( 14 Jun 2005 ):


During the past week I started to receive many reports again about new MSN Messenger viruses. The most recent one being Kelvir.DA, which mimics an infected contact calling all his/her online contacts "LOSERS" and tries to trick them into clicking a disguised link to a cartoon ("its you in this cartoon!!"). Furthermore, it drops a variant of the W32.Randex worm.

Another recent worm puts the word "fucker" in the mouths of the infected, sends out the message: "you are on this picture and you never told me" and links to a would-be Pearl Jam fansite. The badly spelled "groupicture.php" in the URL gives it away, really. That, and the fact that I have not heard about Pearl Jam for 7 years, let alone be on a picture with them.

Other variations claim you're a staff member at a company/hotel/restaurant/whatever called Millenium ("i didnt know you worked here????"), you have a profile page at the wrongly spelled vbulettin site or that you are starring in a packet of beach pictures. For one last time (figuratively, I'm afraid): pictures and zipfiles do NOT have a .PIF extension... nothing worthwile does, actually. And secondly, never ever click links that end with your MSN Messenger account address.

[Reported by: Johno, Adam, Yorick Bouma, Chaos-X, Shawsure, Hillier, DickZearle, iNFUSiON, Tim]

 Added: MSN Black Ice Skin & Updated: MSN Wave 11
Added: MSN Black Ice Skin & Updated: MSN Wave 11

dwergs says ( 13 Jun 2005 ):


msn black ice for msn messengerWhat a skin, this MSN Black Ice by Fizical. From corner to corner, nearly every part of MSN Messenger 7.0.0813 gets a gleaming dark blue makeover. Because an unmodified client is required in order to install, the setup comes with optional polygamy, custom games, nudge protection & shaking removal, blocked file extensions and contact list ad removal.

>> Download MSN Black Ice Skin for MSN Messenger 7.0.0813.

Fizical's skinning tutor, theunknown, has updated his MSN Messenger concept-based Wave 11 skin with 10 extra colors.

>> Download MSN Wave 11 for MSN Messenger 7.0.0813.

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